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Recent content by Dr_Mozg

  1. D

    Language change

    Hi! Just got KF2 on PS4 and the Russian localization is awful. How can I switch to English?
  2. D

    A couple of questions about kf2 for PS4

    Hi! I'm thinking of buying ps4, and have a couple of questions about kf2 version for it. Does it support keyboard and mouse control, or just dualshok? Does it somehow link to the steam account? Will I be able to keep my pc perk progress and achievemnts? Do people on Playstation plus network...
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    Railgun alt fire

    What's the exact difference in railgun's fire modes? One is direct and the other homing? Couldn't find it in-game and in wiki.
  4. D

    Siren Animation

    TWI, please bring back the old siren animation! The new one makes almost impossible to see anything (maybe that was the aim of introducing this animation?) and drops fps too! Do something with fps at least, please.
  5. D

    Graphical Issues

    Hi! I've posted an issue in bug report, but was suggested, that it should belong here. Has anyone any suggestions on how to fix it? I'm not sure, if the developers meant that Intel Iris is unsupported as Intel HD, it seems to me, that its a different series of integrated GPU's. Thanks=)
  6. D

    Graphical glithces after the last updte

    Category: 3d art, animation Reproducibility: always after some time of playing. Summary: I'm using Retina MacBook Pro 13" 2015 with Intel Iris 6100 graphics, running win10 under bootcamp. I've started getting graphical glitches after the last update, primarily on Outpost (it's the map I...
  7. D

    An old bug on Mac OS

    Hey! I've occasionally ran across an old bug on Mac OS - if someone joins a server with any mutator, which he has not previously installed, all the perks are being reset to lvl 0. It's a kind of bug that should be fixed by the time of the final (maybe?) update=)
  8. D

    KF bundle

    Hi everyone! I've got a question for TWI=) Why does the KF bundle not contain the Community Weapon Pack 2? Is it a mistake or it is supposed to be sold separately? I was thinking, that the bundle should contain every DLC except for the new ones. I was just thinking to buy a gift bundle for my...
  9. D

    KF on iOS?

    Hi! I've just watched the KF Calamity for OUYA trailer, and I think that this look would be perfect for iOS devices, like an iPhone, or an iPad. Is there any chance that someday in the nearest future we will see kf on iOS?:rolleyes:
  10. D

    binding key combos to actions?:confused:

    Hi! Is there a way to bind key combinations to any action in the game? I would like to use Alt+LeftMouse as AltFire command. Is there a way to do so? Maybe modifying user.ini? The problem is that i got used to this combo while playing KF on MacBook under MacOS, but now I use bootcamp win7 and i...
  11. D


    What are all those temp archives that keep downloading every time you launch the game? They are all 17-28 Mb and I already have 28 of them!
  12. D

    [Solution] Macbook keyboard problems

    Hey everybody! I finally found a solution for the macbook keyboard problem, when you had to reassign all the keys, which were recognized as "unknownAA" or something like this. If you're running Mac OS X in non-english language (or maybe just in a language which does not use latin characters, as...
  13. D

    List of whitelisted mutators?

    Hi! As I understand, almost every update of the game brings also updates to mutators' whitelist, which are not always mentioned in the update topic. Could someone from the TWI team make here a sticky topic like the one with the list of currently whitelisted maps, but with the list of currently...
  14. D

    Crash on startup

    Hi! I've got a problem, KF began to crash on startup, it was working fine, I've got Mac OS 10.7.4 and I didn't update it for a long time. I don't remember, but it seems to me, that KF could run after the last update, but I'm not sure if I ran it. Here's the log. Log: Log file open, Fri Sep 14...
  15. D

    [request] Mut to show damage

    Hey! Maybe someone of you guys have already seen this thread, but there was no reaction=( I think the idea is great and such a mut should be whitelisted (or at least greylisted), as it doesn't give any advantage, but it's really informative=) If someone could make such a mutator, that shows...