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    Disable Ready Time

    Any way to do it? You know the one at the start of the map, it's usually waiting for one afk player, I'd rather they die honestly.. Anyone know how to disable/shorten it? I set a few wait commands to true but it didn't have any effect.
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    Anyone been able to get UAdminModV095b working other than using ServerExt ? All I get is Failed to load 'UAdminModV095b': Can't find file for package 'XEffects' When I try and install UAdminMod by itself and it won't load. I can load ServerExt fine, and then load UAdminMod after...
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    It's a shame you require approval for posts. I was hoping I could use this board for some kind of discussion before the release of KF and assist/get help from people who were doing the same.