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  1. Dr. Pierre Chang

    Taiko Drums

    This is pretty minor, but I think it would be excellent to have drums like this in a RS promo or in main menu music: ‪Japanese Imperial Army Victory March Nanking 1937 日本軍の勝利は1937年南京行進‬‏ - YouTube
  2. Dr. Pierre Chang

    Korean War Mod

    Would anyone else be interested in a Korean war modification? I'm talking South Korean and US/UN forces vs North Korean and Chinese troops. After RS comes out most of the weapons would already be made. I think this is a truly forgotten conflict and it would be great to see done. Think about...
  3. Dr. Pierre Chang

    [Video] Home Cooking and Fire Safety with Masao

    Masao is well...hard to explain. I'll let these videos do the talking because the random video thread does NOT do the guy justice: YouTube - ‪Introduction to Cooking With Masao‬‏ YouTube - ‪Fire Safety with Masaokis‬‏ And this is one of his typical episodes: YouTube - ‪Cooking hot dogs and...
  4. Dr. Pierre Chang

    [Movie] Game of Thrones

    Is anyone else excited for this? It's an adaptation of George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series. YouTube - Game Of Thrones "The Game Begins" Preview (HBO) I personally can't wait. For those who haven't read the books, imagine a cross between LOTR and Deadwood.
  5. Dr. Pierre Chang

    Rising Storm & In Country Poster at GDC

    Courtesy of In Country:
  6. Dr. Pierre Chang

    [Game] Depth

    Is anyone else anticipating this game? It looks very interesting and will probably be a definite buy for me: YouTube - Depth - August Teaser YouTube - GDC Gameplay Trailer
  7. Dr. Pierre Chang

    Native Role Names

    These were a feature I really enjoyed in RO:Ost. Will these be making an (optional) appearance in HOS? I thought they added immersion to the game and really added to RO's unique place among WWII shooters.
  8. Dr. Pierre Chang

    LVTs (Amtraks)

    I suggested it in another thread about landing craft and decided it would be good to have a separate thread. Instead of the standard Higgins boat style landing craft, it would be much better to use LVTs that could land on the beach and continue inland functioning as an APC. There were a number...
  9. Dr. Pierre Chang

    Class Limitation and 64 Player Servers

    This is something I thought of while recently playing on a 50 Player ROOST server. Each team had 6(!) semi-auto riflemen, about 5 SMGers, 2 MGs, and a minuscule 2-3 bolt rifleman due to the larger amount of special roles available on large capacity servers. I think that these special roles...
  10. Dr. Pierre Chang

    Curtis got Slapped by a White Teacher

    40 page letter by a mother to a Missouri school district about a slapping incident: It starts off innocently enough...but wait until you get to her demands. She then goes on to talk about mind...
  11. Dr. Pierre Chang

    Will you buy RO:HoS if there are no Rolled-up sleeves? Simple poll. I vote yes but only so I can MOD in the TRUTH. :IS2: