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  1. Dr.Phibes

    Install question

    Hey guys, does anyone know if it's possible to trade the install files locally so you don't have to download the entire game again on every PC?
  2. Dr.Phibes

    The most important question

    How can anyone hate Europop that much? Eurovision is awesome :D
  3. Dr.Phibes

    Pre-order beta question

    I know I'm stupid for not reading the store description properly (there was something marked at checkout but I was far too busy throwing my money at the devs) so I wanna ask a question: Will my brother (I gifted him the RS pre-order) be able to play the beta now?
  4. Dr.Phibes

    [Crash] Game crashes after team selection

    The game is crashing on every map except apartments and spartanovka after the last patch. The crashes always occur after team/class selection. But for some reason all my dmp files and logs are empty.