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    As A Customer...

    The only thing John did wrong was speaking from a company standpoint. He ought have taken it to the Board first and talked to the directors and or shareholders if they felt the same way and if it is a company announcement. If on his own Twitter account with not mentioning tripwire its no...
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    Killing flooor 2 will not start, goes to bug splat..

    So i went to load KF2 afater ateast 7 months of not playing it.. but it faled to load. I had removed the Sound card from the computer, but it does not seems to affect any other games.. I got the start up Log.. it looks like this.. Log: Log file open, 07/25/21 22:41:19 Init: WinSock...
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    Killing Floor 2 on HBO TV show "Silicon Valley"

    So i was watching Silicon Valley.. and the pied piper guys are going into business with a Game developer called K-Hole. They go to the office.. and KF2 is playing on their screens (as well as Dead island i think??) But Richard comments on KF2 when someone uses a buzzsaw on a clot and it dies...
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    How do i get Cybernetic tickets?

    Was wondering how i earn Cybernetic tickets? do they just drop? or is there specific things i can do to get them?
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    Head apparel not staying on head and Trader not working

    So, sinc the new update i have noticed that mine and other players head appareal is not on the head.. ie: te chickenator head piece is hangig to the side. (same as glasses on rae) Also i cant buy or sell weapons in the trader... thats a game breaker. I could not even buy ammo at one point...
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    Vosh crate did not drop... nor did cosmetic for weekly?

    So, i just done the weekly, made the 50K as well to get a vosh crate drop.... But, neither appeared in my inventory? I have not had any issues before, crates prizes have always dropped and worked.
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    Endless freeze tag like mode

    So i see there is a endless mode coming up in the update, im not sure how it works... is it endless 11/12/13 etc.. Or is it a single wave that is endless that gets progressively harder? Anyway, i was thinking that if it is the later, a freeze tag mode could be incorporated to...
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    Quick on the trigger achievement, how to get it?

    I have beaten it before it healed in a team game... but does it have to be the last person to hit it? Cause we (a pub team) beat it before it healed and i did not receive the achievement? Is this only for the Patriarch or Hans as well?
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    Fire shotgun boost in new update.

    I really like that you boosted the shotgun for the fire perk, it felt lacking everytime i used it.. you could almos argue it is now too powerful. I am lvl 10 fire atm, i used it on farmhouse full server on "hard" used it solely from about wave 3, had the most kills nearly every round, always...
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    Collectables in maps and the acheivment.

    So i noticed i did not have the collectables for Catacombs. So i went around and hit them and it ticked down. But i did not get the acheivement? This happened on paris as well. I noticed that there are more coin collectales than what the game asks to collect. Do i have to get all of...
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    How do i get keys to unlock USB and Crates?

    How do i get keys to unlock USB and Crates? Do i collect them in-game? Do i get one when i do the map achievement, like breaking all the chain Dosh emblem things?
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    Finish the game allready??

    This game has been in EA for 8 months now. Yes, 8 months. Should steam allow the sale of a game for that long in EA? EA means early access, can anyone define that for me? Is this reasonable? Id like to buy it to play it, but the game is not yet complete, and i wont buy EA. Early this...
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    why even have levelling?

    I played KF1 spent hours levelling everything up, and one thing that stood out to me when i played KF2 for free this week end was.... Why leveling at all? i mean why bother? Or is it intergal to the reward pathways when playing, that there is a kind of award for playing which makes people...
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    RO2 RO2 in Lego form.. (kind of off-topic)

    Just watched this... so well done. Especially when it gets to the tank soldier battles. IT is not RO2, it is Eastern front 1941... same thing. Enjoy: (goes for 5 minutes)
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    The PC Gamer Show Episode 1: Killing Floor 2 EDIT: nothing that we dont allready know, accept there is a internal release date and they are on scedule to hit it. Also EA will essentially be a Beta release. So maybe it is best to avoid it till full release.