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  • Please help me Im desperate, I've been struggling with server perks V7 for 8 hours and I dont know what to do

    I play a game and I wanna make a server, so I decided to chane some stuff in the server. Here is the code I want to change>
    This is perk editing in the source code...

    class SRVetBerserker extends SRVeterancyTypes
    static function int GetPerkProgressInt( ClientPerkRepLink StatOther, out int FinalInt, byte CurLevel, byte ReqNum )
    switch( CurLevel )
    case 0:
    FinalInt = 50000;
    case 1:
    FinalInt = 250000;
    case 2:
    FinalInt = 400000;
    case 3:
    FinalInt = 600000;
    case 4:
    FinalInt = 1500000;
    case 5:
    FinalInt = 3500000;
    case 6:
    FinalInt = 5500000;
    FinalInt = 5500000+GetDoubleScaling(CurLevel,500000);
    return Min(StatOther.RMeleeDamageStat,FinalInt);

    The server has 100 perk levels, I want the maximum damage done in order to reach the 100th level to be 200 millions, how do I do that? I the damage is higher than 200 millions, people dont level up.
    Hey, I noticed you are well knowledged on modding and I just wanted to ask a small question of you regarding simple installing and using of custom characters in Killing Floor I downloaded. I am new to this game and its modding. Although I have done small modding in other games, this is different.

    So okay, I want to put some custom models/skin in my game for Solo and multiplayer of Killing Floor. I have been seeing various models/skins like Goku and some anime ones. But firstly I am having difficulty I think with the Serverperks.ini file I think.

    Because when I download a file for the skin/model and it tells me to put the line CustomCharacter<name> it won't work when I do that. I downloaded the serverperk rar from this forum not from steam and it had 8 files in it. I put those files into my system directory in Killing Floor. Then I open the ini and paste the line at the bottom of the ini of the CustomCharacter and save.

    But when I start the game up I don't see the skins I put in there. Am I doing something wrong? Pretty much every installing instructions for each skin/model I chose tells me to just put the files in directory and then add the CustomCharacter line in the ini. But this doesn't work for me. The only thing that works is if I obviously completely replace the original model, which I dont' want to do for multiplayer purposes.
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