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  1. DiedTrying

    Squad Leader Spawning

    yes yes, I know about the search function. But this is a bit different. Yesterday I played a few hours with the squad leader, exclusively. I had to harp on my team through text chat and voice chat to spawn on me or to have people join my squad. When I play SL, I make it a point to be a...
  2. DiedTrying

    Shooting out of eyeballs

    Has anyone else noticed this in game? The shots don't actually come from the rifle, but from the head of the soldier. Just played sparta, and on 2 occasions this was blatantly obvious. One instance, a soldier with an MKB was behind a wall, I could see his gun was actually jammed into the wall...
  3. DiedTrying

    Weapon Collision

    This really isn't a feature some of us thought it would or could be. I, and I think a few others, were under the impression that weapon collision would limit the usefulness of certain weapons within a CQC setting. So far it appears collision is just a somewhat cosmetic feature added to make...
  4. DiedTrying

    Internet Dies on Server Refresh...

    I have no idea why it does this. I refresh server list and nothing pops up as usual just like the beta. So I have to close the game, and in the meantime I check some websites and my internet won't work. I have to restart my modem...then I get back on steam then back into the game, and hope...
  5. DiedTrying

    [Question] Loud Footsteps

    While playing the beta I've noticed that footstep sounds can be very loud when the enemy is not especially close. Just today on Barracks I was in the two story building to the East of the infirmary and I could hear the enemy running upstairs above me while I was downstairs. In fact it sounded...
  6. DiedTrying

    [Question] Meleeing Prone MG

    Yesterday I tried to melee an MGer who was crawling around prone. I'm quite good at meleeing so I know I didn't miss. But I struck him over the head and body more than 10 times (I had plenty of time) and it didn't do a thing to him (had to put one through his cranium :() I haven't had a...
  7. DiedTrying

    Adjusting Range

    Are the animations for adjusting range on your firearms not in the Beta? Currently, instead of adjusting your slider to change your rear sights elevation, your avatar angles THE ENTIRE GUN. It's as if he's lobbing m203 grenades... This must surely be corrected for the release, right? ...
  8. DiedTrying

    [Error] Can't view settings

    I've got a couple issues 1. I can't view gameplay / audio / input settings and 2. The server browser is extremely laggy as others have pointed out But #1 is quite hampering
  9. DiedTrying

    Who felt the earthquake?

    Anyone here feel the earthquake on the Eastern seaboard of the USA? First one I've ever felt, and I'm quite a long distance (and a couple mountain ranges) from the epicenter. Got a little dizzy...was kind of cool though.
  10. DiedTrying

    TWI Forum difficulties

    Has anyone else been experiencing "Server is busy try again later" and other forum hiccups the last month or so? About a quarter of the time I get that message and have to hit the back button and try again; or sometimes when I click on a thread it'll just take me to "Tripwire Interactive...
  11. DiedTrying

    Black and White

    No this isn't about the RTS, or even really a mod request per say. Just some theoretical jibberish. What are your thoughts on a game like Red Orchestra being presented in gray scale? I don't think I would buy a game exclusively for it, but what if it were a feature in a mod as a way of being...
  12. DiedTrying

    North Africa/Siciliy/Italy Mod

    Are there any plans for this theater of operations in a mod for RO2? They are some of my favorite campaigns with interesting and intense battles. Some Pros 1. Different atmosphere from Russia (especially NA) 2. Similar equipment that can be used in all 3 campaigns 3. Plethora of map...