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  • hi. im korea people KFL Mod current Broken?? i need KFL mod oldversion pls link...
    and DOWNLOAD THE CRASH FIX HERE Link broken?? pls need KFL mod
    Do you have the latest version of the RTD engine for your KFL Mod? For some odd reason, my RTD mutator that I created based on your code is not showing up in the mutators list when I try to test something on solo....
    Check if your ServerStats.txt is in ANSI format, any other format will produce the Chinese characters.
    1. Install Python
    2. If you have a D Drive (might have to change the file location inside the script by right clicking it and edit with IDLE), put the script with the name ServerStats.txt or whatever it's called in the D Drive (or the location you changed it to).
    3. ??????
    4. PROFIT
    If you switched from Windows to Linux and didn't modify the way ServerStats save your stats. I have a script that you will like, but it's written in Python...
    Hello Demon , i have 1 question : can i play with perks and weapons vs normal zeds ? , because if i put KFL server veterancy handler v92 , and start the game , i cant shot or hit the zeds , because if i do it i get a crash , there
    hey can i have your kfl server ip plz plz just put the ip and ot make me go to your server
    Hi, what you need to do is store NextIronTime in the relevant Pickup class when it is dropped, and then restore it when the Pickup is grabbed.

    See these classes/functions:

    KFWeapon.uc : DropFrom (Called when player drops the weapon)
    Pickup.uc : SpawnCopy (Called when player grabs the pickup)
    errr not sure on that, have never run a server myself, so I don't know how it's all handled.

    Have you got the M99 running on your server? and does that crash as well?

    may want to check to see if you messages are full. maybe why you cant receive any more messages? i dont have that box to tick lol
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