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  1. ddongssanda

    Stray Claymore left behind enemy-occupied territory

    Claymore mine is supposed to be kept intact even after the planter's death, just like North Vietnamese traps. The problem is, the Claymore mine must be manually detonated within the range to be removed. The problem occurs when you are defending side in TE map. If you failed to detonate the...
  2. ddongssanda

    Reticle guides

    Some weapons have reticles a bit far from a newbie's intuition. I remember that the tank gunner reticles were explained in the user manual at some point of Red Orchestra franchise history, but they are now... gone? I still remember that finding out how to use those Rising Storm Japanese sniper...
  3. ddongssanda

    [1.3 CTB] Annoying bug on Soldier Customization per classes.

    This post is in 3 parts, only the first is the 'bug' proper, part 2 is kind-of-a-bug, and part 3 is my suggestion. 1. Pretty often, even if I press 'apply' button, the soldier customization loadout is not saved. It seems like the probability of this bug is over 30%, occuring once each 3 times...
  4. ddongssanda

    Loadout editor on the main menu!

    I want a weapon loadout editor on the main menu. It may have been excellent if it was from RS2/RO, but in RS2, the need to inspect the loadout is increased. I want to check and set each classes' loadout on the main menu. Loadouts also for campaign mode phases. We can design the soldier models...
  5. ddongssanda

    How can I resolve duplicate Horzine Elite items?

    Horzine Elite item set, given free because of some events, are duplicated 4. The four color 9mm and uniforms. How can I resolve this?
  6. ddongssanda

    SWAT perk weapons (excluding MP7) ironsight aiming not working in its supposed speed

    This bug is consistent. Hipfire aiming and ironsight aiming are supposed to work in different speed, but they work in same speed in SWAT perk weapons. Only MP7 ironsight aiming works in its supposed (slower) speed. In other perk weapons (MP5, P90, Kriss) ironsight aiming works in the same...
  7. ddongssanda

    Anomallies, as of version 1040

    Perk skills are quite screwed up, but I also picked up some more minor problems. 1. Server browser filters work strangely. Pretty often, the 'No custom server' button works inverted - when checked, it works like it's unchecked and vice versa. Other buttons show the same problem occasionally...
  8. ddongssanda

    Total analysis on damage-resistance system (Why you can't enjoy this game?)

    See that fabulous mosaic of colors? Right. You must rote them all for real co-op experience. Weapon reality is now GONE, just for 'teamplay'. (What's the point of distinguishing 'handgun vs SMG' or 'Rifle vs AR'? Doesn't combustion vividly destroys the muscles and body organs and give...
  9. ddongssanda

    Never pick firebug and berserker. Never. Party must kick you out.

    Version 1035 and 1036 compatible. Now the game is a total garbage. Finally I can go back to the reality. The only workable party combination of this game is now full 6 player party, with some mandatory sharpshooters. Any other combinations are officially prevented from survival. Dev...
  10. ddongssanda

    How do I migrate my settings?

    I'm tired of being moved here and there, so I'll directly ask the question here. I visit PC cafe with my portable SSD, and every time I need to set up the settings again and again. 1. Audio option: music volume, music vocals 2. Control (key bindings) 3. Gameplay option - FOV and Kill...
  11. ddongssanda

    About the account information in Market, Inventory, Weapon skins, Costumes.

    I have posted this problem few months ago in Ideas and Suggestions section but got no reply. ================================ I am a user of both KF2 and CS:GO, so I felt proud when Tripwire announced the new Market feature, but later found the Market system of KF2 is a bit behind that...