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    Credit where credit is due: The sound artists

    Among all the threads pointing out errors and complaints about things (some legit, some not) I thought it was about time for another praise thread. This time concentrating on the sound department. I think they pretty much overdid themselves here, and with a good sound card and equipment the...
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    [Error] Unbindable key on Swe keyboards

    Like the topic says the <-key on swedish keyboard layouts appear to be unbindable. It's the key between Z and left shift as seen in the attached image. Having one of the closest keys in a WASD-config being unbindable is a pretty big deal. Not critical seeing how the devs are probably swamped in...
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    [Error] Very strange texture bug

    Seems pretty rare, only had it once so far but it kept appearing every time in german spawn for the duration of the map. Most of the time it was invisible but looking in certain angles would make it appear.
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    UE3redist breaks the game

    In an attempt to fix the never ending crashes when trying to use the server browser and when trying to join servers I installed the UE3redist in the RO2-folder as suggested in one of the sticky threads. I thought it couldn't hurt at least, but oh how wrong I was. Now the game won't even start...
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    Sights getting unaligned

    While playing the mod the other day I thought about how while looking through the sights they're always perfectly aligned even when you move the mouse quickly. It would be nice if the sights would temporarily get unaligned when you move the mouse around while in IS, and get aligned again once...
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    Close Combat thread

    Anyone else playing Close Combat? There's an excellent Stalingrad mod for Close Combat 5, unfortunately the AI doesn't handle the big maps very well but it's a blast when playing against another human. Stalingrad and other mods can be downloaded from