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    Servers ranked?

    hi i was saw in browser 3 or 4 servers with the tag RANKED SERVER, what's this?
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    Spanish translate

    In we had started a spanish translate, you can download a preliminar 0.1 version in our web, if you speak spanish-english and want collaborate with us in finish this work please contact me by PM
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    how set up player numbers for capture a objetive?

    hi and sorry for my english, what's the actors property for setup the needed player's number for capture a objective?
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    Bump maps?

    a question, its possible bumpmapping in RO engine?
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    classes list?

    hi, where can i find a full list of RO classes available?
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    is possible put a ROobjetive actor into a destroyable object?

    Hi i want do a full destroyable bunker -this isnt the problem- and when a tank destroyed the bunker the people will need go into the bunker for take a objetive -basically the base assault mode in COD UO-. The problem is that if in the editor i put a ROobjetive actor into a destroyable object the...
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    water reflection problem

    hi all, in my map im using a fluidsurface actor with the skin properti using the watershader of hedgedog. The water look fine in my map but if you look the reflection you can see the hedgedog map reflection. Why this? how can i solve this? thanks
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    dude about proxyport in http redirection

    hi a question, our web server where we host the files only have open port 80 and i cant open more ports. I was set the proxyport value in 80. We've the files compressed but for example i was saw that for download the Train Escape map the down velocity is very low -6,10 minutes- We
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    how can i see a brush size?

    hi, a simple question. For example i have created a cube brush and substracted it, if in any moment i want see the brush dimensions (width, height), how can i see it, i cant find it?
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    where's the water shaders?

    hi, where's exactly the water shaders for use on a fluid surface, in what texture package?, i cant find it
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    Seelow heights (WIP)

    Hi. I'm starting a tank map based on the Seelow heights battle, im now working in concept, more o less based in this diagram Any pictures reference or documentation will be apreciated
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    right mouse botton dont work

    hi, i have this problem with the editor, usually the right mouse botton dont work, i dont know why, i reinstall the editor and all work ok but when y close and open again the mouse botton dont work. Why this, any help?
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    are there any work in progress for solved the ATI Bloom problem?

    Hi from spain and sorry for my english. I love the bloom effect but with my ati card its so blurry (i run at 1600x1200 atix800 pro), i think that this is a know problem for ati cards and RO and i'm interested in know in any developer can report if there're any expectative for this problem, if we...
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    is possible ad a mutator in .ini?

    Hi i've the problem that our server provider dont user the .bat for launch the server, he've a command line in a daemon and i cant modify it. Its possible add for example this in the .ini file mutator=MutROMapVariables.MutROMapVariables and DONT in the command line? thanks
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    Destineer marketing campaign?

    Hi, a question, anybody know if destineer will do any marketing campaing (magazines...) for release the boxed version or only will put the games on shelves? I think that really this game need a marketing campaing. Ps.sorry for my english