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Recent content by [Crimson_Deity]

  1. [Crimson_Deity]

    youtube has a new site layout

    i like it...what are you guys' thoughts?
  2. [Crimson_Deity]

    is this game still played?

    i want to know...RO2 probably wont work on my comp and i want to know if this game is still played enough to have regular clans and full servers. is it worth it to buy?
  3. [Crimson_Deity]

    do sticky bombs not work when more than 2 are stacked?

    i was doing my normal thing stacking a **** ton of pipes in one spot for the patriarch when a dude told me that if more than 2 are stacked then the rest are negated. is this true? i learned this method from observations, and if this is true then there are many people making this mistake o3o
  4. [Crimson_Deity]

    i've been looking into this game but...

    isnt it just like a bigger version of this? http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/ cuz they look...similar... =3='
  5. [Crimson_Deity]

    what are your top 5 steam games under $20?

    thinking of buying some stuff, i obviously already have KF but what are some other good games? (note: my computer is OK, but not able to run, like crysis. keep them relatively low on run-power please =O ) thanks!
  6. [Crimson_Deity]

    if killing floor works on my computer, would RO2 work if i put it on lowest settings?

    just want to know, interested in buying but dont want another unplayable game in my library to gather dust alongside amnesia :C
  7. [Crimson_Deity]

    Does anyone here make signatures?

    just wondering, tried searching sig shop but nothing came up...anyone do sigs for fun i'd like to put in for one, but i dont have any way of paying really unless you want, like, refined metal from tf2 or something =3= thnx
  8. [Crimson_Deity]

    question about demo pipe bombs :C

    i go demo and im lvl 2, it says i can hold 4 but when i buy them i get 2 and then they disappear from the trader's list. am i missing something?
  9. [Crimson_Deity]

    new member, feel free to troll

    welp the mmo i've played for a few years got hacked and i recently bought killing floor, and i've been pretty addicted to it for awhile now. other games i have are tf2, CS:S, gmod, and other odds and ends. i eventually would like to join a KF clan that i might be able to be an admin on...