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    Voting Handler Problem ServerPerks v6

    Use webadmin if possible to setup what mutators load. In the defaults section, voting game config: This can be done manually in the KFMapVote.ini for example...
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    Startup Command Line multiple mutators?

    If the host does not allow you to mess with the startup line then you should use the MapVoteV2 mutator. This allows you to set mutators to load with a game type or difficulty setting when a map is voted for. Your only options if the host does not allow access are: Manually set the mutators in...
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    For anyone having crashes since new update and using sperks

    Thanks EpharGy I did not think of that. It helps to have another version to compare/contrast. Ends up I needed to remove the smiley stuff for it to work as implemented in KFL. Here is the KFL mod specific classes for recompiling KFLv92
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    [Mutator] KFL Mod

    I have fixed the ServerPerks classes that were used in the KFL mod to work with the changes in KF v 1042. Drop them into the KFLv92\classes folder and recompile. Reusing the same number ( 92 ) should not cause version mismatches unless you publish multiple versions to end users under the same...
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    [Mutator] KFL Mod

    I rolled back to v80 so at least the server can be seen. The launch string for 8 is the same as for 9 except for the version number. 8 did not give a game type change so it is not filtered.
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    [Mutator] KFL Mod

    edit- Yes, since we are launching the game different that is part of the reason. With version 8 we also launched the game with KFLvXX.KFLGameType but that did not prevent the servers from being seen in the normal game browser. It is due to the fact we see what shows up in the attached...