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Recent content by [CoR]MiccyNarc

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    RO mutes iTunes... ???

    Anyone else have this problem? I have a Creative Audigy 2 ZS sound card and whenever I load RO iTunes (v. 7.0.2) mutes. This is the only game I play that causes this to happen. Any explanation or suggestions? Is this supposed to happen? o.0
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    KILLING SPREE (post 'em here)

    Alright, the number of kills isn't so impressive, it's how I got them Okay, I'm on Krasnyi, PPSH41 is my weapon, and of course, 2 nades. Red line = downstairs Blue line = upstairs Background: I run downstair into the basement along my favorite route 1. German hiding behind pole with MP40...
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    Meine Kleine

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=532372234004374734 Posted on the old forums, decided to repost it in Google video format ;)
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    Just for the record...

    I recently read a thread about someone emptying a clip into someone close range and them not dying. The phenomena you were experiencing is called "spawn protection". It happens when shoot a teammate in spawn. It's rather fun actually to turn someone completely red without them actually being...
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    What do you think of the game?

    Simple poll to get everyone's impressions.
  6. C

    EULA: Read it!

    There's some interesting stuff in there. Read especially the cheating section, prepare to roll on the floor laughing.
  7. C

    Still waiting for the game...

    Waiting for RO : O to finish downloading, what is everyone's favorite map thus far? Want to know what to play when it's done (already played konigs, stalingrad, and arad) 1000th thread by the way.
  8. C


    Who wants Porechye back? My personal favorite map from the mod.
  9. C

    Idea for a map

    Just to give you an idea of the basic layout Never made a map before so it'd be rather simplistic. It would not be huge (I hate huge maps. Next person that makes an infantry map the size of the state of new york gets a kick in the face from me), but large enough to offer freedom. It'd be...
  10. C

    The aliens have come

  11. C

    I Love Bees!

    ilovebees2.com Domain name details: Whoever it is is covering their tracks well.
  12. C

    Running from prone

    I wish hitting shift + forward movement key would make me stand up and run, without having to stand up manually first. And doing this would accelerate standing up as well, but use more stamina, of course. This is handy if a nade lands next to you.
  13. C

    Random thought

    I was studying some geometry, realized I could measure angles in triangles quite easily (without the use of protractor/compass), and thought "Hey, cool, I'm figuring this out!" Then the thought came to my mind: "People who have figured out geometry are like people who can fart with their armpit...
  14. C

    If you use Xfire

    ...run Solitaire. Keep it running. The idea is to dethrone WoW and CSS from the top spots and get Solitaire the respect it deserves. Just load it and keep it running :)
  15. C

    About the so-called "delay"

    Alright, yeah, I'd imagine the majority of us are a tad bit less pleased that the game is going to be released in March. I understand, I was hoping to be playing in January too. But, goshdarnit, they never said that it WOULD be released in January. Emphasis mine. I'm honestly sick of whiners...