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Recent content by CopperHead

  1. CopperHead

    Future of Red Orchestra franchise?

    I stopped in today randomly, and thought i'd just poke my head in and ask a fairly simple question. Red orchestra is still my favorite game ever. Red Orchestra 2 was pretty good.. Can we get any confirmation on if there is, or will ever be a future Red Orchestra title set on the soviet front...
  2. CopperHead

    I'll never criticize Tripwire again.

    Hey guys, I don't come here that often... I don't play the game that often either. It still doesn't make me feel the way Ro1 did.. but we've been down that road so many times, it's not important. What I DID want to say, is that I might have been a little wrong about this game developer and...
  3. CopperHead

    MG Tracers

    One of my friends asked me if the MG tracers were going to be as overdone in HOS as they are in Ost. I've never shot an mg42 or any other ww2 mg, but I have shot many, many modern day mg's both at night and during the day, and the way in which tracers are modeled in ost is definitely...