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  1. Comrade Kaizer

    [Game] Festung Europa Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer From Shurek... Source
  2. Comrade Kaizer

    Ironsights set to hold break viewport function

    When you bind Iron sights to hold, instead of the default toggle, it breaks the RMB function to activate your viewports. Small issue but considering the new update focused on vehicles and hopefully a few more maps focused on combined arms (whether official or custom), it would be nice to see a...
  3. Comrade Kaizer

    Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 Returns!

    Sure, there's cobwebs in these parts of the forums but I'm pretty damn excited... Source
  4. Comrade Kaizer

    RS A Few Day One Bugs

    Several places where you can easily clip through terrain on bunkers in various maps. First spot is Hanto, slightly middle to right side (for the Japanese) bunker in the first Allied objective area. I didn't get a map location but it's easy to find. Sorry for the awful picture quality and size...
  5. Comrade Kaizer

    RO2 coverage on Gamespot's FPS Friday

    Surprisingly stumbled upon this while searching for some RO2 videos to watch and kill some very brief time. Didn't watch too much (yet), as I'm just about to nuke my HDD and commence a fresh install of my OS - but it seems to be generally positive praise so far. I find it interesting when a...
  6. Comrade Kaizer

    Eastern Front aficionados? Need assistance!

    I really wasn't going to reach out for assistance as recently these forums have hardened me into an audaciously stubborn mule by matter of influence but... I need some help on micro details of open ground battles between the Wehrmacht and the Soviet Army during/between July, 1941 (Near start of...
  7. Comrade Kaizer

    Big Amazon PC Sale

    Mostly older games, but I'm sure there is at least one or two some of you might find worth picking up. Spotted this on Reddit here. Like Death To Spies for instance, I love that game. Much more user friendly formatted version and complete list here. FYI: Some of these are the MAC versions, be...
  8. Comrade Kaizer

    [Error] HMG Self bullet whiz

    Sorry for the awkward title as I couldn't really find a proper definition for this. Checked a few pages in here, and didn't anything on this particular issue. Could very well be known but I've never encountered it until now. Could also just be a result of how I'm getting off the HMG from...
  9. Comrade Kaizer

    Gamespy RO2 Multiplayer Q&A

    Red Orchestra 2: Exclusive Multiplayer Q&A Source here. GameSpy: How does the morale system work online? How is it displayed, what impacts it, and how does it affect the player's ability to play? Tripwire Interactive: Online, it is tied in to the Suppression system, plus how capturing...
  10. Comrade Kaizer

    [Game] Sniper Elite V2

    I have fond memories of the first game even though it wasn't for everyone. Here's to hoping the sequel will deliver promptly. Sniper Elite V2 "Bullet Time" Teaser Trailer - YouTube
  11. Comrade Kaizer

    Will RO:HOS be PC only?

    Sorry if this is an obvious question but I haven't been on here for quite some time and I've been reading some posts where users have mentioned consoles... is this just some bull like I think it is or actual truth and what is the source for this?
  12. Comrade Kaizer

    RO Support is dead...

    Can someone answer my question or at least provide a link to a more community active site for RO support related issues because being new to RO here and asking for advice and help where the sticky threads don't provide is really dissappointing, I've also PM admins who seem to just ignore me...
  13. Comrade Kaizer

    For the love of Gaming HELP!

    Followed everything down to the letter and my game still takes like 5 minutes to deploy and lags horribly even in the menus... I just got this game through Steam and it should have worked fine yet I can't enjoy it whatsoever with the horrendous problem, I posted about this before and received no...
  14. Comrade Kaizer

    Confirmed Comrade here!

    Well thanks for the feedback I recieved in the last week from the guys here at the Tripwire Forums, I have some good news (well good news for me I guess)... I have ran a GameSpy system requirements lab analysis of my Laptop to see if it can handle RO and it past with flying colors, infact I...
  15. Comrade Kaizer

    Xpadder compatible? Vista?

    Hey there folks on the eve of buying the game Red Orchestra here (just finished setting up my Steam account) I have a few questions. 1) I am absolutely horrible with using a keyboard for PC FPS games, and thinking about using my wireless Xbox 360 controller running Xpadder to play the game...