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Recent content by Colt .45 killer

  1. C

    Release scheduling

    Hey All, Small curiosity and figured I'd dump it here in gaming in case any of you know; although I'm expecting a final answer may come from TWI considering they have some experience with&as a publisher. Why exactly are products in todays day and age released in staggered releases? I'll admit...
  2. C

    Steam sales!

    Share what booty ye've picked up this steam sale. So far I've blown the bank on Alan wake, mirrors edge, some kf dlc, some tropico 4 dlc and garys mod ( because people keep telling me to get that ). All for around 22$... I have to say though, mirrors edge seemed great until the game just...
  3. C

    Classic / Realism lookback & AAR

    Well Classic and the large update to realism went out, Figured I'd dump out a shortened view on these, what they were trying to improve and how they did. Despite the fact that it was called 'classic' I feel that the community was originally asking for a more realistic game. Realistic that is...
  4. C

    [Game] Colin Mcrae Dirt showdown ( For sale )

    hey gents, Just bought me some new 7870 video cards ( Wewt ) that came with free digital unlock codes of Colin Mcrae Dirt Showdown, currently 50$ on steam. 35$ Cdn per key ( By paypal ), I've got two keys to sell. PM me if interested, key after payment. AFAIK there are no issues unlocking...
  5. C


    http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/nearly-lost-photographs-tell-story-of-bold-invasion/article4234394/ They are apparently digitizing them all ( all 120,000 ). Other than being a huge historical save, that will be a goldmine resource for modders/game devs.
  6. C

    Classic map times

    Classic tends to play out slower, so all the maps timers tend to end long before the battle does, often when one team is making a good push. Can we please see the default time for classic maps increased 50% or set to infinite?
  7. C

    Classic mode tanks

    Can we get all AI crew out of the tanks in RO 2 Classic mode? Also for all modes, when you pick tank crewman it should pop up a new window with a graphical display of the tanks and who commands them / is in them, and from there you can click on a tank to join it.
  8. C

    classic mode: pistols/ weapon handling

    Oi all Just like to suggest that pistols in classic mode should have a slightly smaller free aim area as they feel very wobbly when at the hip. Also that weapon size should be taken into account with the raising / lowering of the weapon; I like that my moist nugget now takes some time to raise...
  9. C

    [Video] The secret lives of TWI staffers *exposee*!

    Comerade Oliver has risked life and limb to bring us this confidential information. It shall be put here for all to see, you're lives will inevitably be changed, and for that we cannot apologize, it is necessary...
  10. C

    un intentional weapon pickups.

    Think I finally found the cause for this. If the weapon despawns while you are over it ( possibly while also hitting other buttons ) it seems to pick it up. The only times it has ever happened to me is with weapons that are despawning, and while I am moving. I say they are despawning at that...
  11. C

    An Appeal for the success of classic mode.

    Lots of people seem to be mis interpreting what this post was meant for, and I guess I can't blame them. The OP remains underneath inside the spoiler tags un edited. The intent of this was to foster greater co-operation in the development of ro2 classic. I have elaborated on this in the link...
  12. C

    Alternatives to lag correction.

    'Ello all. Well I was discussing lag correction on another forum, and was making some theorizations about alternate systems and hybrid systems. Long story short I got on the subject of lag correcting the bullets. How would that work? Why thank you for asking, I was hoping you would! Upon...
  13. C

    Weapons on ground are dissassembled.

    Ive seen this happening mostly to k98k's and mp40's When on the ground the moving parts of the weapon ( bolt and magazines ) are out of the gun like this.
  14. C

    *Joke* Remember when I said to remove the large text on screen?

    Yes? good. No? well then know that I did and this is why... Not only would this have been a great image to base memes off of, it would also have been good for bragging ( i shot the guy ).
  15. C

    gun stops firing

    Happens semi regularly when in combat with an automatic weapon, ususally against an automatic weapon. My weapon just stops firing, I havent released the mouse, it just stops of its own volition. Usually also happens when you get hit. ( just grazed, not dead )