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    Campaign Statistics

    Wouldn't it be interesting if once a campaign is finished the game displayed some important results about it? Like the total number of infantry and tank casualties for each side. Aproximate duration of the campaign (Something like each maps lasts a week for example) or just the number of...
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    How to keep squads together

    I was playing Verdun for the first time in months and I noticed they made a simple solution for keeping squads together. Basically, the SquadLeader has a radius of command or something. When you see the SL in your map you see he has a radius in which you should be. When ever you enter or exit...
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    RS Problem with packages

    I'm working on the coding for the mod Grabenkrieg. I have created our own GKPawn class that extends RSPawn. This works well, I have my Roles set up and they work with my GKAlliedPawn/GKAxisPawn which extend GKPawn. My custom GKAllied/Axis Level pawns are referenced in our custom GKGameInfo, this...
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    RS Do you use the mortar visual trajectory?

    Simple question. I found that it's not really needed. I can get lots of kills with it by just adjusting the range and looking at how far the enemy objective is. Then I just set my range to match closely to the distance from the objective, and kill enemies around it. I never did use the visual...
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    Grabenkrieg: The Great War 1914-1918

    Check our ModDB profile for media and news! Our WebSite will be up soon! The Developing Team: Character Modeller Kaminski Weapon Modeller Coin-goD Juicy r0tzbua Environment Modeller Coin-goD r0tzbua Animator Coin-goD Juicy Level Designer Danh Jannick "Greathero"...
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    Units problem

    I just imported a soviet model in 3D Max to use as a guide for my models. But I see a problem. Here it says that a standard player model is 92 uu tall. So I configured my units in Max as 1 ue = 2 cm. But the Soviet model is not 92 uu tall: Is the information wrong? Or did I set up units wrong...
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    Wich setting would you like for my next Map? Vote there guys.
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    Help deciding map setting

    Hi guys. I'm finally on Holidays and I have a lot of free time. I can now work much faster on my maps. The thing is, after thinking for a while, I decided to ditch most of my work in the Stalingrad map. Since the design was pretty flawed and it wasn't worth fixing it. So now I will have to...
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    Shell holes on Tanks

    Pretty simple, we get bullet holes on walls. Bullet wounds on the soldiers. But we don't have Shell holes on Tanks. It would be nice to fire at an enemy tank and, if the round penetrates, see a hole on it. Examples: More realism. And makes a Tanker feel more proud of their skills! I want...
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    Replacing SkeletalMeshes

    Let's say I have made a new player model, and I want to replace the german meshes. I tried adding my new Skeletal Mesh in CHR_Ger_RawRecruit but any import fails. (I can import in a custom package) I'm trying to test replacing the helmet (ger_rr_helmet.psk) by adding my sklmesh and renaming the...
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    [MAP-WIP] Warsaw

    For the past 2 days I've been gathering information about the figthing in Warsaw during the second world war. Warsaw is a very interesting location for a map since 80% of the city was completly destroyed. I couldn't find much information about Germans figthing Soviets in the city, it seems like...
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    [MAP-WIP] Der Kessel

    Introduction At first I wanted to create a Historically accurate map from Stalingrad. After watching Enemy at the Gates and Stalingrad 10 times in a week I wanted to capture the feeling from thouse movies. But soon I noticed that The Univermag map was pretty much the map I wanted to make...
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    Weird Ligthing bugs

    So I've recently started working on my map, after testing the Editor for a few weeks. I can't remember when it started happening, but everytime I build my ligths they look horrific. I'm using the default light from TE-AttackDefend_CombinedArms. The only thing I did was remove all the bsp (then...
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    Creating a new Class

    What files do I have to modifie to create a new class? I want to create an special Marksman class, "Elite Marksman". I tried doing it directly on my map "World Properties" like this: Adding an "Elite Marksman" on my Squad Using RORoleInfo. But ingame it dosn't...
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    Online Stats

    Is there a page in wich we can see game stats online? Wouldn't it be nice to have one if there isn't?