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Recent content by Coffee009

  1. Coffee009

    What We Are Up To - A Piercing Freeze

    Groundfire changes and new firebug stuff is definatly needed and exciting! and I'd still pay for a KF1 model skin for the husk cannon cuz I love the classic look. Maybe something to earn in a seasonal event?
  2. Coffee009

    How many KF2 players go back to play KF1?

    Title. I was curious how many people who frequently/occasionally play KF2 still get that itch to play the original game. Personally, I like to go back every few months because I find both games fun and enjoyable, but I really like the atmosphere (the game feels very dreamlike imo), better...
  3. Coffee009

    Killing Floor 2 State of the Game, David Amata provides a look the accomplishments in 2019

    I wish the survey allowed for comments so I could explain WHY I chose some of the choices.
  4. Coffee009

    Option to prestige after rank 5?

    I'm somebody who basically lives for the grind, and I wish there would be an option to 'dry' prestige after achieving the max possible rank for a perk. Even if the reward is lessened/not given, I'd still like to go from 1-25 on my maxed out perks, because after hitting 25 I have like no drive to...
  5. Coffee009

    Seeker Six free fire mode

    I miss the magdump feature, I NEVER touch the free fire mode because it's just worse
  6. Coffee009

    New Gun Pack Coming to KF2 Soon

    Man, a Halo weapons pack would be so cool! Would be an awesome cross promotion like the Halo character models in Gears 5 or all the stuff in Teamfortress 2.
  7. Coffee009

    Yuletide Horror Beta 2 Is Now Live!

    Yeah I know people did not like it, but I thought the lock on for the incision helped with the whole medic design goal of having easy to use weapons
  8. Coffee009

    Singular Winterbite and Rhino for Sharpshooter?

    Just for the sake of consistency tbh, the sharp already has the other singular gunslinger revolvers and it just feels weird that these new ones are omitted from that rule.
  9. Coffee009

    Does Killing Floor seem harder to you now?

    I like to alternate between the games, and it took me a while to master hard again. With the slow movement speed and the game's habit of turning into a gangbang really fast you have to do a lot of thinking ahead and positioning is very important because you move like a forklift. I think the game...
  10. Coffee009

    Let HRG Incision shoot without auto-aim

    I hate the auto aim on sharpshooter but I think it's fitting for the medic, it feels nice to get a guaranteed EMP head-shot on a big baddie, and considering guns are more or less perfectly accurate with hipfire I dont see a reason to change it.
  11. Coffee009

    Yuletide Horror Beta 1 Is Now Live!

    Does the sharpshooter get a singular winterbite like with the other revolvers?
  12. Coffee009

    Rhino gives no XP on ricochet kills

    Category: Weapon bug Reproducibility: Always Summary: Rhino does not give XP when kills are achieved with the fragmentation Note how I earned dosh and the faint kill feed message on the top right (you can see the skull). I tried this with a lot of zeds and I even changed to support (because...
  13. Coffee009

    What We Are Up To - Investigating Persons and Places Of Interest

    Hmmm, any chance we can see concept art of the Matriarch? I feel like seeing the design evolve into it's final form would be really interesting.
  14. Coffee009

    Allow weapon skins for HRG weapons from the base weapon

    After like the 3rd or 4th set of neon skins I think they (the skins) lost their soul
  15. Coffee009

    What We Are Up To - Investigating Persons and Places Of Interest

    Hey its Voss from Quake 4! And hell yeah to Sanitarium! It would be cool if map descriptions came back... and interesting if Sanitarium was canon since the game would feel much much darker if that was the case Also this is a stretch but it would be cool if non holiday zeds varied slightly in...