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    Level Streaming?

    So I've been reading up on these forums that people haven't been able to get Level Streaming to work properly. I've just setup a test environment and it appeared to be running fine. So what exactly is wrong with Level Streaming in Ro2? Is there some server issue with it?
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    Ro2: Search and Destroy Pre-Alpha

    I actually started this project a couple days before Thor announced his and have spent maybe 60 hours off and on since :S. Anyways, this is going to be available as an open source project (so long as credit is given). It will require probably another week's worth of work and I'll have some free...
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    Death and Game Immersion

    It's 2013. It's been 21 years since Wolfenstein 3D was unveiled as the first mainstream FPS. Yet why do games still insist on having players wait around, twiddling thumbs for long periods of time waiting for things like respawn? And why do we have to utterly break the immersion and magic of the...
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    Updated versions of RO2 SDK/UDK?

    I was wondering if Tripwire had any plans to upgrade the SDK to the latest version of UDK. There are a lot of features that just make life easier like Absolute Translation, better content browsing, and ClassGroup's. In fact, many of these features were introduced in the November 2010 build...