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  1. ChairmanMurder[Forge]

    Favorite Zed models

    Now that we've had several events, I'm just curious as to what everyone's favorite zed models were. For giggles I'm counting the Halloween skins--which were just reskins of the Summer zeds--as separate. Rank them however you wish. I'm doing less-than-greater-than. Clot Summer > Halloween >...
  2. ChairmanMurder[Forge]

    Removing Shotgun Penetration

    First off, I'm not quite sure where this thread should go. Not quite a suggestion, not quite about tactics, but also not quite random general discussion. If it needs to be moved, do so. Second, I'm not completely in favor of enacting this, or Tripwire spending time on this. I'm just thinking...
  3. ChairmanMurder[Forge]

    Weapon Combos

    Title says it all. Just wondering what kind of weapon combos people use. Sure, a combination I think is weird might seem perfectly "duh, of course use that combo" to another player, but still. There are some that I've been thinking about, but I've never actually used in game. There are some...
  4. ChairmanMurder[Forge]

    [Help/Request] New weapons

    First off, I don't intend for anything to be balanced. I mean, I don't want a pistol that oneshots a FP, but on the other hand I'm actually looking for overpowered. Basic premise: I have a basic server with all kinds of zaney additions. My regulars/clan are all pretty high levels based on the...
  5. ChairmanMurder[Forge]

    [Request] xplosive rounds

    So, I've been thinking of just using the code from the AA12 to make a new weapon for the Demo. Nothing fancy at all, just modified code, maybe a new name. Anyhow, the title says it all, I think. I'm basically wondering how to code explosive rounds (say, FRAG-12) into an AA12. I was playing...
  6. ChairmanMurder[Forge]

    [Request] Slug shotgun

    Don't know if this is the right place to ask for this, since I think it's mostly coding, but yeah. Might as well ask here. Simply put, I'm wondering how to make a slug-firing shotgun using the same sounds, animations, textures, models, etc, of the standard pump shotgun. I was playing on a mod...
  7. ChairmanMurder[Forge]

    The Merry Murderers

    So, yeah. We're not so much a clan as a group of of people that regularly play Killing Floor together. In general, I'd say we're above average in skill. Certainly not bad, but nothing to write home about, either. We play for fun. Inane banter while axing a Scrake to death. Endless mic...