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    Serverops Bug List

    Here are a few of my observations. WebAdmin: Reserved Slots Sometimes you can edit an existing member, to change the date for example, yet other times it doesn't bring up the form with the member's details. It would be good to include a checking process when entering a new member. To check if...
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    Wouldn't it be great if you can set up your server so it runs in map voting mode most of the time except at around 7pm each day when it automatically changes to campaign mode.
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    New logs for webadmin aftr Jan 2019 patch

    Did this happen? If so where about in the webadmin are the logs? WebAdmin Better logging has been added to Webadmin to give server admins more useful information. Added a log to record admin logins Added a log to record any settings that have been changed by an admin on the server Added a...
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    Game type scheduling

    TWI this is a really good idea. And you know I have come up with some of the best admin ideas for RO in the past. Idea - A way for server owners to automate a game type and map list schedule based on their community's expectations. A simple example 9am to 7.30pm – map voting on map list 1...
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    Trying lockdown for the first time. When a cap enters lockdown, is it supposed to come off lockdown when the attackers start to cap the zone or only once they take it? There was some confusion in the server tonight.
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    Expired member bug

    This was from 1.09 Fixed a web admin issue where expired members could not be canceled from or added to members The expired member can be cancelled and edited, but the problem is when are trying to overwrite an existing member manually in the web admin. If you know the person is already a...
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    Perm mute players + arty radius markings

    It would be great if admins also had the option to perm put players. Similar to the ban system, so based on the steam ID number. We get plenty of players that end up getting bans for sh*t talking etc. They play the game fine, but just have trouble mixing with other adults. Second idea. A...
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    Had another server crash on Hue City

    Had another Hue City crash last night. I wasnt playing so cant confirm if it was on the C cap. The server was updated with the recent patch. The BugSplat event is below. This event has been logged by the BugSplat crash reporting library ( in partnership with...
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    Webadmin login block

    If one admin forgets their password and exceeds the login fail number, the entire webadmin is blocked until a map change. NOt just the admin that cant remember their login but everyone. Actually it doesnt even need to be an admin, just anyone that can work out the webadmin port and be a jerk...
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    Warning, Security: player kicked for invalid RPC

    Any server operators seen this in their logs? has a six digit number after the RPC. Number seems to be different all the time.
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    Regular server crashes

    This has been an issue for a while now, but it has reared its ugly head again in a much higher frequency lately. I dont think it is latest patch related but I am keen to see if it is something at my server end or something else. I can get a stack of launch logs to someone at TWI / Antimatter...
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    Problem with member renewals and editing

    Hi guys, Starting to get a bunch of people that are on the anniversary of their 12 month member accounts. So what happens if I try to add a member with a new 12 month term but they are already set as a member it wont change the account and it wont let me know that the member already exists. If...
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    Steam Workshop Tool error message

    I have been told that the error message isnt causing problems with the operation of the tool but is there plans to get it fix. With the error message there, its difficult to work out what maps are set in the tool. ERROR: HTTP error: 302 Moved Temporarily
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    anti-aliasing issues

    When I have anti-aliasing on at any setting everything when in game is white. I can sort of see my weapon and objective icons but everything else is snow white. Though i was playing RO2 Winterwald ! Turn off anti-aliasing and all is fine. Running a NVIDIA Force GTX 1070 with updated drivers.
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    Kill message deal

    Any server operates that use a delay notice that it isnt working? Update - also noticed that the TK message is not showing or it moves off quickly. Also a players spawn preference isnt saving. or its doing something strange.