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  1. Carl Gustav

    Favourite RO2 sayings/voices/one liners?

    Soo, when you're in a battle, sometimes your team's soldiers (or even your soldier) say something like ZE WERMACHT WILL SEND YOU TO YOUR FAMILY IN KINDEST REGARDS, i ask you to tell me your favourite voices/one-liners/quotes/whatever. Mine are: He's down....FINISH HIM (Wermacht, reminds me of...
  2. Carl Gustav

    Is there any diffirence between MN and KAR besides visuals?

    Is there any diffirence between the Mosin nagant and Karabiner98 while not talking about how they look?
  3. Carl Gustav

    Drunk russians.

    Never drink while in a battle :P BTW he's alive, not a ragdoll glitch.
  4. Carl Gustav

    Just a little TWI forum idea

    You know these little signs near the thread's name in some forum? When i see that thing i expect to see what TWI has to say on some matter, rather than what some green-named moderator has to say. On steam forums we see these when a Valve employee posts in a thread and many people view this...
  5. Carl Gustav

    What was the peak playercount of KF?

    This is the highest peak ive ever seen for KF, 17k players. Is this the record for kf or was there an even higher player count?
  6. Carl Gustav

    101 Reasons why we love Tripwire Interactive

    Soo a simple forum game, in which we have to count to 101 reasons why we love TWI :). I'll start: 1.Cheap, not game-altering DLC. 2.Free updates Go on ;)
  7. Carl Gustav

    More tips at the loading screen?

    The free weekend is coming and there'll be lots of newbies, so i thought the loading screen could use some more up to date tips. What do you guys say about this? Write your tips :) I'll start: The Husk is resistant to fire, so don't try to kill him with a flamethrower! Stacked pipebombs deal...
  8. Carl Gustav

    Map with the best atmosphere/visuals?

    Hey, i'm making a poll about the map which has the best atmosphere/visuals, not the gameplay/difficulty etc. I'd say either foundry or wyre, foundry reminds me of bioshock and wyre is just...scary :eek: The poll has a max limit of 15 options, so i dunno if i missed some map.
  9. Carl Gustav

    Twisted christmas 2, yay or nay?

    What would you guys think if TWI released another twisted christmas update on december. In my opinion, that update was really fun and great, i was soo addicted to KF back then. Let's say, the update would include new (or the same as last year) zed models, new christmas themed map, achievements...
  10. Carl Gustav

    How to kill scrakes/fleshpounds as firebug?

    So yesterday i was playing bioticslabs on hard, wave 10, 2 fleshpounds came in and killed 3/6 of us, 3 (including me) retreated make a hold somewhere else. When there were 50 zeds left, my team mates got killed by 3 husks ( i'm a firebug so im immune). I started running around biotics lab...
  11. Carl Gustav

    Scariest video game character?

    Okay, who, in your opinion, is the scariest video game character (horror games and all other stuff). Mine: 1)Nicole Brennan 2)Alma (FEAR) 3)Dr.Salvador :eek:
  12. Carl Gustav

    Xienen about Killing floor 2

    I got his permission to post this if anyone's asking
  13. Carl Gustav

    [Video] Killing floor + justin bieber

    YouTube - Justin Bieber Killing floor I made dat :D
  14. Carl Gustav

    How do i turn anti aliasing on?

    My video card is Nvidia 8600GT, runs KF perfect, just wondering is it possible to turn anti aliasing on?
  15. Carl Gustav

    For forum mods

    Umm is there any way you could change my forum name to ' Carl Gustav ' ? Thanks and have fun