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Recent content by Capt.Marion

  1. Capt.Marion

    Front page of reddit: "I wish more games had scopes like this"

    A little early morning pre-work Redditing revealed none other than RO2 on the front page with some fine internet citizen extolling the virtues of TWI's 3D-modelled scopes that look and feel like, well, actual rifle scopes! Here is the post, for your enjoyment...
  2. Capt.Marion

    PAX East 2011

    Does TW have any intention of going to PAX East 2011?
  3. Capt.Marion

    Alternative to Google Sketchup?

    I'm working on designing and building some 8' long shelves, and I'd like to create a computerized model first. Is there a good program similar to Google Sketchup that's free but a bit more intuitive to use? The camera tools (trying to pan the view, etc) are killing me in Sketchup to the point...
  4. Capt.Marion

    Hardware Upgrade Q

    Is it necessary to backup and reinstall Windows when I install a new mobo and CPU, or can I just leave my Windows install as it is without reformating and reinstalling after putting in the new hardware?
  5. Capt.Marion

    Random: Good Game today with Forum Frequenters

    Just a random thank you to Ramm, Bobdog, Psycho Sam, Nestor, and some other forum regulars (as well as other pubbers) on what I think was the TWB Old Glory Server today. Great game and some great teamwork; it was nice to play some of the original maps with a good playerbase. It reminded me of...
  6. Capt.Marion

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to all, and let's hope 2010's better than 2009! Cheers, Marion
  7. Capt.Marion

    Milestone Reached

    And this is 1001 that you're reading... Way to go KF/RO/TW community!
  8. Capt.Marion

    Windows 7 Upgrade

    Anything I should be aware of before making the switch from Vista to 7? I plan on doing it over the weekend... anyone else already done it?
  9. Capt.Marion

    Several holes in map

    In my map, I have a problem with a couple of holes through the level that shouldn't be there. At the corner of my room, at the top of a BSP staircase (where it connects to a BSP "floor"), and where a wall meets the wall of my room. (Again, all BSP). Like a good little boy scout, I've stayed...
  10. Capt.Marion

    EngineTest SMs

    So, what is the correct scale to use for the reference-SMs in the EngineTest package? I'd like to use them for reference in my map, but they definitely aren't full scale. They're on the small side.
  11. Capt.Marion

    What Actors are required?

    I'm tooling around in UnrealEd to get re-used to it after 2 years of not using it. I've got a small, 2-room map, with lights, et cetera and so forth. I have a zoneinfo in each "room", for the color-correction effect, 2 playerstarts, and a KFLevelrules. The thing rebuilds fully without a...
  12. Capt.Marion

    wait for additional crewmembers-alternative

    We all know the wonderful "Wait for Additional Crewmembers" slogan we see every time we jump in a tank. And we all know the even better 30 second pause because there's one guy AFK in spawn not in a tank. I'm not suggesting getting rid of this. Conversely, I believe that this is actually kind...
  13. Capt.Marion

    Vista Advice

    Well, Santa Claus contracted out to UPS and delivered me an early Christmas present, consisting of a Seagate 1.5TB HDD and a copy of 64-Bit Vista. As I look forward to installing the new HDD in the next couple of days, is there anything I should know about in regards to setting up Steam on...
  14. Capt.Marion

    [Game] CoD 5 Beta

    Well, I was too lazy to read the whole dang CoD5 thread. SO I made one for the beta. My impressions- CoD4 reduxed in WWII fashion with shiz-arse historical accuracy. What I noticed in 30 mins of playing with a couple of friends: -Bolt actions- you can reload with a stripper clip even when...
  15. Capt.Marion

    Shopping for a new HDD

    So my 300gb hard drive is 3 yrs old (5 yr design) and about filled up. What should I look for when shopping for a new one? I'm leaning towards a 500GB+ SATA something or other... like there are several 640 GB ones for $80 or so on newegg... Input? It's been a while since I've had to do this...