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Recent content by Capt.Cool

  1. Capt.Cool

    RS KOBURA needs balance: more reinforcments for the US

    I really love the new RS Kobura map. But I think it need some balance for the US. I played it several times (even with Level 99 commander) and we lost every time. And every time we lost cause we run out of reinforcments. Sometimes we lost our reinforcments in the 3rd or 4th objective (of the...
  2. Capt.Cool

    What scenario do YOU want for Red Orchestra 3 ?

    What new expansion do ya like to see in the RO franchise? (either RO2 or the next generation) I did not include "modern warfare" because there is a thread about it already running and I did not include "classic Ostfront" because its nothing new. I just included new conflicts that have a...
  3. Capt.Cool

    RS Radio bug when a recon plane is called!

    You call a recon from the radio. The plane arrives. You get killed a second later. Of course you dont want to waste that recon plane call, so you press emergency reinforcements and spawn again, running to the next radio near you. (this is of course not the same radio that you made the first...
  4. Capt.Cool

    No weapon pickup after a teamkill!

    Synopsis: If a player teamkills you for your weapon, he should be not be allowed to pick it up! If he tries it simply doesnt work, maybe a text comes up "sorry, guns of teamkilled players cannot be looted!" :D Of course he still can pickup guns from other player he did not teamkill. the full...
  5. Capt.Cool

    get kicked by punkbuster every time, PLEASE HELP!

    Since 1 week I have problems joining a server. I load the map, go to class selection and then I got kicked by the punkbuster! :mad: this is the message I got: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/801/vgt7.jpg/ and yes, I got PB activated in the options menu...
  6. Capt.Cool

    Flamethrowers in RO2 after release of RisingStorm?!

    We know that Flamethrowers will be in the expansion Rising Storm: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/newuploads/qhgb1.jpg The question is: will they now be included in the regular RO2 game, too? Wilsonam told me the devs thought about adding them in the RO2 inventory. They canceled it because...
  7. Capt.Cool

    What happens when the Loader dies (in a tank)

    What happens when the loader in your tank dies, and at least 1 other bot in the tank is still alive? Does the bot automatically go to the loader position, or can it be ordered to do so? :confused:
  8. Capt.Cool

    [Error] Arty Bug in the map Mamayev Kurgan!

    Ok, this bug happed today 3 times in a row, so its no coincidence! the map is Mamayev Kurgan, and I played as commander and marked the arty on this spot on the cappzone B: I was in cappzone C in the main bunker when calling the arty. I used the radio, the highcommand responded in the usual...
  9. Capt.Cool

    [Error] Level up for Commander role to L5 does not work

    Catagory: Code Description: My game has an error with the Level up progression to Level 5 in Commander role. Currently I am Level 4 on the Commander, but I should be Level 5 by now cause I got the neccesary 5333 points for Level 5. Reproducibility: Always System: Windows7, DualCore, 4Gb...
  10. Capt.Cool

    The big sig art contest! (show your signature)

    This thread is all about the art of signatures. Rules: only post in here if you have a signature (a pic, not just a text!) Here are some themes I made: Air: Land: Sea: Custom:
  11. Capt.Cool

    change the german cross on the menu please! (not a swastika)

    will the black/white cross fit better than the blue icon? the black/white cross (balkenkreuz) painted on almost every german vehicle: Yea, just a detail, but I am out of serious suggestions for now. :D Thanx.
  12. Capt.Cool

    How will heavy MG work? Portable tripod?

    As we know from this pic there will be heavy MGs on tripods: I would like to know how it will work in the game: 1) the whole MG fixed (and everyone can use it) 2) the tripod fixed and the MG gunner has to bring his own MG 3) SL and/or MG select the position of the tripod(s) at start of the...
  13. Capt.Cool

    Get out of burning Tank to respawn (NOT to fight on foot!)

    this thread is NOT about fighting on foot as a tank soldier. I know TW said "you fight and die in your tank". That system is good because tankcrew should NOT exit and fight on foot. BUT what about if the tank is on fire??? Tankcrews were trained to bail out if the tank is on fire and blows...
  14. Capt.Cool

    Camo uniform for german soldiers (in stalingrad)?

    Just found this pic and would like to know more about the german camo uniform. As the pic says it is from 1942 in stalingrad. Were this uniforms issued to every soldier and can we expect to see them in the game, too?
  15. Capt.Cool

    UAV like ghost cam instead of the 3rd person spectator mode

    in RO when you are dead you see another teammember in 3rd person (spectator mode). This is like the "standard" in FPS. But it also brings problems: you can see left and right of the player you watch, and proberly see an enemy that would be unseen under normal conditions. Because of unfair...