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  • Sorry to bother you, I saw you on the forums. I have applied for ranked status but that was a week ago. My IP is: only one server.

    Thanks if you can help me out :)
    Hi hello, I would like to post unban request.
    I was bannd for politic conflict after i was warned by other players, I didnt really thought that I will break rules again when i talk about the german army history between other players in the chat.
    Hey Butch would love to play some RO with some of you guys. Any chance I could get your steam info? Just thought I would ask. Thanks

    are you an admin on TWB RO2 servers? I was banned yesterday for no reason. There was a hacker that kept impersonating people and i joked that we should kick both guys to be sure we get the hacker, but i havent done anything else so i am not sure why i was banned. Can i get unbaned? TwB are the only servers i usually play on.
    hello, i have the problem with joining twillader server. for me shows message: you not authorized to play at this server. please register at twillader.com. but im allready registered there and joined team, other people can join in this server but i cant with this message.. maybe u know what i need to do?
    I was shocked today to hear from GULAG that Gangsta get suspended and nobody knows why and it seems nobody report him.

    There are Minimum 5 Players I am more afraid about then Gangsta (one of them is also an admin from the staff)
    but thats not the Point.

    Atm. this is a non working gaming side who killed a good old working ladder to bring a new not working ladder.
    So much improvements and nothing works.
    And know by your personal opinion you kick a Player out and dont tell anyone why.
    This is not a community side anymore. It
    Hi Butch and Ladder Admins !

    There is my ticket about the match (against LS) result dispute.

    In fact we have noticed a deliberate use of several game bugs from LS to their advantage.

    First I would like to tell you that I've been thinking about this before sending you this ticket because I don't want my team to look like a whiner, especially after the last Stalingrad Cup with fmc team issue. After all if we are guilty of something this time it's that we didn't adapt our tactics fast enough, but LS are also guilty of jeopardizing our tactics with unfair and none legal processes !

    I would like to get your attention on the first one :

    - Using floating smoke nades : On the first round on apartements , they prevented us from defending from the A building by constantly throwing smoke nades in the air. After doing it more than 10 times we cannot take this as bad luck but it was something fully deliberate !

    This abuse prevented us from defending properly the first two points on apartements that even with that we kept for a long time, and had consequences on the victory on appartement and the entire game.

    - I also wanted to add a really weird MG position on B at the end of the first round on Stalingradkessel, the guy was nearly impossible to kill.
    But i cannot say for sure here. Maybe if you check the demorec you will see something.

    So through the ladder rules : Cheating and Abuse

    It is not allowed to take advantage of or abuse game bugs. This Includes the use of deliberate suicides or other game bugs in order to subvert the intended match play rules or other rules designed to ensure teams compete with each other on a fair basis with equal opportunity for both to win any given match. Instead you are obligated under this rule to report them and we will get them fixed.

    I'd like at least to play apartements map again against LS without the use of game abuse.

    Thanks for your time,

    Best regards,

    Piriou GFA leader.
    Hi! I am the banned player from the clan. The reason for that supposedly I changed file mutator. Here's what you wrote'' Our initial investigation suggests that this player tried to edit the client Twil mutator file''. I assure you that nothing did. Here's a link to the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSpjnAhFSpY&feature=youtu.be It shows that I do nothing and do not Use any third-party programs. When you minimize the game recording software stops. I hope that this is a misunderstanding and you will understand. Thank you.
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