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    Disable Spawn on Squadleader (US) on surpremacy maps?

    As title says. I would love to see the spawn on SL disabled for surpremacy maps, so the US forces have to make good use of their hueys. Reasoning: -VC has "immobile" spawns on squad tunnels, which are easily spotted by the loach and very easily destroyed by the cobra. And the tunnel even have...
  2. Bommel

    Animations for climbing ladders and swimming!

    Please add them in, I hate how you can "climb" up a ladder in ROO while having full control over your weapon and being able to turn around 360
  3. Bommel


    I fixed some errors in that map (according to Exocet I changed it to how the map was supposed to work/be). Link to thread in DH-Forum: Downloadlink: PS: As you can read in the thread Exocet gave me permission...