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    RO2 Japanese Territories in Stalingrad

    This happened twice now, so I want to show you some screenshots of it, maybe it can be fixed easily.
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    Community Map Pack - FightNight

    Hey all, tomorrow night, from 20:00 CET (London, i think that's GMT + 0 :confused: ;)), the OdW Classic server map rotation will consist only of the following maps: Arad 2 Tanks Stalingrad Kessel Rakowice Winterwald Tomorrow night will be dedicated to the oncoming Community Map Pack! The game...
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    [Error] Deployed MG34 fails to reload in Classic

    Catagory: Code 1) Join a server 2) Use a MG34 3) Deploy your MG34 4) Reload your deployed MG34 once the magazine is empty Result: Playing the reload animation, after finishing the "new magazine" is empty again. Right now you have do reload while not deployed. Reproducibility: Always/100%...
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    [Error] RedOctoberFactory-Destroying capzone "F"

    Category: LevelDesign 1) Join a server with map TE-RedOctoberFactory 2) Select the 'axis' side 3) Select the 'engineer' class 4) Cap every zone unti 'F' 5) Throw a 'satchel charge' into the with ammo filled, highlighted, train 6) Wait until it's exploding 7) The train is now destroyed 8) The...
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    [MAP] Kriegsweihnachten1942

    Kriegsweihnachten 1942 24th of December 1942, 4th christmas in wartime... ...There isn't any christmas truce like 1914...
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    The Vehicle Mod Team is Recruiting!

    The Vehicle Mod Team is a team consisting of currently 10 members and the additional support of Tripwire Interactive. So, what we want is, getting more content into the game, in this case vehicles first. To make the process faster we decided us to open a "Recruiting-Thread" to inform you about...
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    What the community is up to - Vehicles ;)

    What The Community Was Up To - Vehicles The development of this project has been stopped. The Team: Szeder 3D Artist, Programmer, SDK Siegertyp 3D Artist, 2D Artist Eremin 3D Artist MauserK98 2D Artist Twrecks 3D Artist, 2D Artist -=THOR=- Programmer Cpt-Praxius 3D Artist, 2D Artist...
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    Hi! We're happy to announce another Fight Night! And this time, there is again a RO2 feature we would like to check out! >MELEE ONLY< SATURDAY, 4th OF AUGUST 8 p.m.(CET) [OdW] Oberkommando der Wehrmacht **Classic** -> Please keep in mind, that running the "Melee only" feature results in...
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    press <T> for tactical view - remove?

    Hi everybody, is there any possibility for removing the "PRESS <T> FOR TACTICAL VIEW" message? I would like to remove this message or add a delay for it. Can't find any display alert for it, so where can I find this message? Thanks in advance! Bob
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    [OdW] Oberkommando der Wehrmacht - Gaming-Night&CUSTOM MAP PROMOTION

    Hi everybody! We would like to promote the custom maps and get as many players to play custom maps. Where? -> [OdW] Oberkommando der Wehrmacht **Classic** IP-> When? -> Friday, 13th July, 20:00 (CET) (open end) More information can be found on our official [OdW]...
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    Problem with new custom map

    Hi everybody! I finished my work on a training map and tried to host it. It works fine for me and also some mates can join and play that map. But most people can't connect. Just the normal loading screen, and after 2 hours they stopped connecting. There is also a problem with the textures...
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    How to fix this?

    Hi everybody! I started with a new map a few weeks ago... Now there is a kind of bug :confused: Hope anyone have an idea?! :eek: Thank you!
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    Redirect problems

    Hi everybody! We have a problem with downloading packages from redirect. If new people connect to the server and downloading the custom maps, they sometimes get back to the main menu during the download! Then if they try it again, there is just the message "connecting to the server...." , but...
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    Language for webadmin

    Hi, anyone know, how to change the webadmin language? I already had the webadmin in german, but I dont know how to change that again?! In the rogame/localization/deu/webadmin.deu is the correct file I think?! Thanks! Blitzk.-Bob
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    Problem: Have to download new maps always again

    Hi all, my problem is, I've downloaded some custom maps as I connected to our clanserver. But once I close my Red Orchestra 2 and want to connect again, it's downloading the map again. Is there any solution to fix it (maybe in my (server-)config? Thanks!