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    What would you rather see for the future of KF2 and the inevitability of KF3?

    This is almost entirely true. Only error is that one actually does do more damage with headshots in KF2. Just 10% more, but still. And the head vs body pool is technically correct; If you have 4x more bodyhealth vs headhealth, you deal 4x more damage on headshot... sorta. Aside from damagetype...
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    What would you rather see for the future of KF2 and the inevitability of KF3?

    I already know about everything you're talking about here... I feel you missed an important line of mine: "and if shooting the weakspots with precision weapons, it should simply deal more damage." (Weakspot includes heads, fyi.) You know, like most other games? Lemme explain it with numbers...
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    What would you rather see for the future of KF2 and the inevitability of KF3?

    Something I would like is: No more "head health" vs "body health". The only thing this mechanic does is create a huge rift between precision perks/weapons and chaos perks/weapons. The enemies should just have ONE healthbar, and if shooting the weakspots with precision weapons, it should simply...
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    Merc Report - Seeding Some Disruptive Tendencies

    Oh hey, 2 more HRG weapons I've suggested! (Well, more or less) Also- Oh hey, STILL no HRG weapon for Commando :(
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    Why have i not seen this build before...

    And this is exactly why I've repeatedly been suggesting to add Ballistic Impact to its explosion attack (so you have melee+impact+explosion), so you can do extra headshot damage with it too. I've even said it should have the same Scrake-multiplier as the RPG, so it's an ACTUAL heavyhitter.
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    HRG Blast Brawlers

    It shoots with primary fire - so of course it costs ammo? Now, let's talk about its balance. This can be done very easily by comparing it with the HZ12: Blast Brawlers Magsize: 4 Damage: 195 x 2 (+ 50 x2 if meleeing with it) Spare ammo: 40 Total damage potential: 17160 (21560 if hitting with...
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    Killing Floor 2 Summer Update - Interstellar Insanity Has Landed!

    ... What? Boomstick, Doomstick and Buckshots would make NO sense to get increased magsizes, considering how the weapons are made, if that's what you're saying? Giving them the "elite reloads" on the magboost choice is the only thing that will work AND that will make sense... EDIT: For...
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    Killing Floor 2 Summer Update - Interstellar Insanity Has Landed!

    Support High Capacity Magazines (level 5 skill) Extra magazine size increased from 50% to 75%. Seriously?! After all the feedback that the numbers are not the issue here, but that the issue is that it only affects some of the perks' weapons (EDIT: To clarify: The boomstick, doomstick and...
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    (Interstellar Insanity) Why the Survivalist is a better Berserker than Berserker

    Just want to point out something here in regards to melee damage from the two respective perks: Berserker: Smash's heavy attack bonus is an outlier; It's a multiplicative bonus, rather than additive. This means that, as a level 25 Berserker, with Butcher, Smash and Parry, your heavy melee...
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    Support's 'High Capacity Magazines' buff does not address core issue on why the skill isn't viable

    Yes, this is exactly correct - and the correct solution too. The problem is with Tripwire really not caring (or worse, not knowing). Considering outsourcing basicly everything KF2 to Sabre now, more likely than fixing the actual core issue, they are just (if having input at all?) doing lazy...
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    [Eat Lead] +2 penetration to perk weapons

    Hmm... On live, you can pick HPR. This nets you a total of +55% damage, along with having a 10% faster reload due to that passive. With my suggestion, you could pick Rapid Response. For contrast, this nets you +50% damage from passives, and +30% faster reloads. Overall, faster reloads, but a...
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    [Eat Lead] +2 penetration to perk weapons

    I'd rather make HPR part of the passives (or, well, +2% per level for a total of +50%) while swapping it for its reloadpassive along with some number tweaks (and do similar to other perks too like Firebug's first tier). So, you'd then have something like this: Eat Lead -> +50% magsize. Rapid...
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    Killing Floor 2 Summer Opt-In Beta 1 (PC Build 1114) Is Now Available!

    HRG Blast Brawlers Decently punchy (no pun intended), and pretty good statswise. but I'm surprised that they are hitscan. Was totally expecting something more visibly projectile-based. The animation for attacking is nice and expected, but why didn't you use the awesome looking blood-cleanse...
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    New Cooperation Mechanics for KF3

    Incentive for teambased damagedealing: Remove head- vs body-health Head vs bodyhealth is completely unnecessary and just causes dissynergy between certain perks. First, lemme explain head vs body health mechanics: Every enemy (except bosses) have both headhealth and bodyhealth. Dealing damage...