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  • If you're working through steam, attempting to launch KF should automatically update it to 1050. However, most servers are currently not updated and will not instantly present a message that the server is out of date. If you want my 3 servers are running on 1050 at
    I have a question I'm new to Killing Floor Online, I've always played alone, for I have decided to play Online Download the 1049 version is not long ago and already put a new version that is 1050, I have to re-download the Killing Floor of new? There is something to update my "Killing Floor" or donot could give me a help? I am new to this forum also, for the update now I can not join online servers says "Failed to connect" "Your version is not coicindente ROEngine" I think it is by changing the 1050 version I could say as Refresh "Killing Floor "without downloading it again?
    Well, since the server is home hosted and I am unable to set up a static IP for the server machine, the IP always changes. They are currently , , . You can find them all in hard. If you sort servers by name, in alphabetical order, my servers will appear at the top of the list in color - like so
    Hey! Post your KF servers so I can favorite them. Your turning out to be a cool person once understood better.
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