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  1. <animal>INSTINCT

    [Game] Mortal Kombat

    Why no love for the new Mortal Kombat? I just got the game on the 22nd for PS3, and I have to say one thing only: Crank up the volume when playing, because you are witnessing the guitar solo of fighting games:eek: Thoughts on the game? Favorite character? Tips? Challengers?:cool:
  2. <animal>INSTINCT

    Medical Question

    Sooo, I've been having these strange and random nosebleeds for about a year now. They just occur at random times (usually the most inconvenient times), and when they hit, one nostril will bleed continuously for like 5-10 minutes. It gets really bad, to the point where if I don't let it flow...
  3. <animal>INSTINCT

    SUPRISE! (clan) tactics

    After enough shennanigans in the Tactics Section, I figured we needed at least one semi-serious thread:p To all current and former clan players, especially non-realism clans While playing clan matches in ROOST, many clans tried and tested several "unorthodox" strategies to overcome...
  4. <animal>INSTINCT

    Death Messages based on sight line

    I was wondering what you guys thought of this: In ROOST, with default server settings, you always get every death message. What about a server option that allows players to see their death messages only if the person they killed is visible to them when they are killed? To perhaps extend on...
  5. <animal>INSTINCT

    When you finally get HoS...

    Describe what you plan to do on the day you get HoS (presumably the release date) When in the day will you get it? What will you eat? How will you pass the time while it's installing? Stuff like this I'm interested in hearing what sort of traditions and customs the community has in regards...
  6. <animal>INSTINCT

    Sandbag physics

    Because HoS is going to have fully modeled bullet penetration, sandbags are going to be one of the best forms of cover, as they can stop almost all kinds of small arms fire. That being said, shouldn't sandbags be destructible with explosives? If a grenade that uses concussive force lands...
  7. <animal>INSTINCT

    Wind Effects

    A pretty simple suggestion: Wind should affect ballistics... Whether it be for bullets, tank shells, or mortars (I hope)
  8. <animal>INSTINCT

    Ammo Check!

    How about adding a command that allows you to quickly remove magazines from smg's and semi autos to check their weight? It could be useful for judging whether to reload or not in combat. Since checking the magazine weight would only take a split second, it would allow you to make better...
  9. <animal>INSTINCT

    A solution to the "Fear of Death" issue

    How about rewarding players for staying alive longer with points? For example, for every 2 minutes you go without dying, you are awarded a point. And if there are people who try point farming by just sitting far away from combat, well they won't be getting any points for kills will they?
  10. <animal>INSTINCT

    Great idea for a mutator!!!

    For all you programmers out there! Is anyone here up to the challenge of making a "Drunk Soldiers" mutator for when HoS releases?:p I want to see soldiers so drunk that they literally cannot hit the broad side of a barn. When they sprint I want them to veer off in random directions. When they...
  11. <animal>INSTINCT

    A question on bullet penetration

    I know that bullets will penetrate certain cover in HoS...but what about bullet penetration on bodies? Will rifle rounds go straight through bodies so that it is possible to get a two-for-one kill?
  12. <animal>INSTINCT

    Female Red Army soldiers

    This might have already been posted, but I figured this would be a nice idea IRL there were women in the Red Army, so why not randomly have the occasional woman soldier spawn instead of some bearded russian dude? See how much prettier that is to look at?:D
  13. <animal>INSTINCT

    New melee idea

    I've always thought about this as a joke, but now that I think about it, it actually kinda makes sense can we have a melee function on the german stick nade?!:D It already looks like a club, and come on... how funny would it be to have your stick nade out, round a corner, see an enemy right...
  14. <animal>INSTINCT

    Problem with Ports

    well i just started college and i had to go to the IT office to open the ports needed for RO they opened them all, but they only opened them outbound, apparently they dont open inbound:mad: do the ports needed to play RO have to be inbound, outbound, or both?