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    New Splash Screen

    Here's a new splash screen I made. Just navigate to \steamapps\common\red orchestra 2\Engine\Splash\PC and replace the current Splash.bmp with this image.
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    To all the RO fans: practice a little moderation

    I'm sick and tired of hearing everyone incessantly whining about gameplay. Not only on the forums but in my clan's Teamspeak and in the game. Don't get me wrong, the game has a bunch of problems and dumb design decisions but its nowhere near as bad to warrant all this constant crying. The...
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    RO2 is a true successor to the mod

    I've been largely ignoring posting in the General Forum and just having fun with the game instead but I felt like I needed to offer a counterpoint to what seems to be a popular negative opinion on this board. I find it interesting that so many people are complaining about RO2 being too...
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    Touting RO2 on Reddit and elsewhere

    After seeing the increasingly worrisome tidbits of BF3 DLC news, I got fed up with the big name industry's practice of defiling their games and wrote up this reddit post: We all know questionable business practices are defiling our beloved industry so let's try a new tactic: TOUT THE...
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    Do the devs (or anyone) have a recommended IDE? EPIC uses nFringe + Visual Studio correct? Is this what TWI is using? What do you recommend? Thanks.
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    Thoughts on the HUD Art Style

    I didn't see a topic on this, sorry if there is one. In the grand scheme of things this isn't one of the biggest issues but presentation values can be extremely effective in making a game feel more immersive. So, with that in mind, I have some concerns on the current HUD we see in the footage...
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    TV Remote Controls HDTV Monitor

    I have both a TV/Monitor and a TV of the same brand. The TV remote also controls the monitor. So if I want to turn the TV off, down goes the monitor. If I change the volume, both change. Clearly this is not very fun to deal with so does anyone have any ideas how to solve this? I already...
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    Review of My New All Metal Mesh Computer Chair

    I'm on the computer for much of the day doing work, gaming, and watching movies. The padding on my old chair was pushed flat and since I spend so much of my time at the computer I figured it was time to invest in a good chair. I'm very picky. I spent about a week researching by sitting on...
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    PC Games of 2011

    Here's a pretty good list of expected 2011 games: I'm thinking... Must own: RO2 (obviously) Rising Storm Diablo 3 Minecraft (final game) Keep an eye on: Ground Branch (edit: probably still dead...) Guild Wars 2 Chivalry: Battle for Agatha (UE3...
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    [Game] Minecraft Putz is touting Minecraft well in the screenshots thread but I figured it's time it got its own. Basically you're a dude in a randomly generated world that can build or destroy anything. There's an online "classic" version where you can just build and destroy. Then...
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    Alien Swarm Wow. Was waiting for and wondering about Alien Swarm retail. This is by far the best thing that could have happened to it. Awesome move by Valve.
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    [Game] Starcraft II

    If you preorder at gamestop you get beta access. Once you get the code you can't cancel the order. I'm not into sci-fi but there's no denying SC is a great game. However I dont know how I feel about preordering a $60 game. It should also be said that you only get the Terran (marines)...
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    Tripwire Forums and the Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) Emoticon

    I just had to rant. It seems like every fifth post in these forums is some smug bastard looking down on somebody or something ending his little pompous message with that stupid ****ing roll eyes emoticon: :rolleyes: Does anyone else want to punch through the screen anytime somebody puts that...
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    Removable Front Sight Hood for Kar98

    I know many see this as trivial but the kar is my favorite rifle to use and with all the time I spend with it I prefer looking down the sights w/o the hood. Any chance this will be an option?
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    DLC, a step in the wrong direction

    If TW were concerned about our wallets the DLC would have been free. Let's face it. KF has barely enough content as it is. Yet I figured RO has been one of if not my favorite game of all time so I decided to throw them $15 for KF whether the game was worth it or not. While the game is fun...