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    Trigger Spawning KF Pawns

    I need to spawn Pawns or activate spawn when a player runs over a trigger. Now I talked to Kicker about it and he said that I should use a scripted trigger. And I know he has used them before in The Hive way back when. So anyone on here know how or can post a tutorial on how to accomplish this...
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    Terrain deco layer help!

    So the terrain in KF-Farm and KF-Manor have grass that is a deco layer in itself, I tried following a tutorial but I failed miserably since the final product did not work. Anyone here have an answer or a list of steps to follow. I want my terrain to be populated by grass.
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    What map theme would you like to see?

    You read the title! Which map themes would you like to see more of? Make up your own if you want to.
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    Good Luck Guys!

    I want to wish everyone good luck in the Wave 1 mapping contest. I know I and everyone else have poured hours into the maps. So let the best mapper win :D Good luck everyone!
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    Transparent textures

    Now I don't usually work with texturing and such aside from really simple ones, but unfortunately my simple textures are always square. I'm sick of it! How would I create a sign with a rounded edge and so that the outer edge is transparent? I really need help! Thanks, and sorry if this isn't the...
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    Name : KF-Archives Filename(s) : KF-Archives.rom Version : Private Testing Playable : Yes Description of the map : A recently abandoned library Map Download : Tuesday, July 28 2009 Story/Background : The team has broken down in a block of the city where very little seems active. The...
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    Where's my Comrades?

    All my old friends reunite here! Anyone who was along for the ride during and before Killing Floor 2.5, post please. :)