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Recent content by Althamus

  1. Althamus

    Only able to equip one accessory at once.

    Even accessories that don't clash. https://youtu.be/ZZmXP6W9rFs This happens like 95% of the time. Very occasionally it'll let me equip two or three accessories at once, but then goes back to unequipping my old ones every time I equip a new. If this isn't a bug and I'm just doing something...
  2. Althamus

    Last 5 zeds on the map

    When you are down to 5 zeds remaining before the trader arrives, they all start to uncontrollably rage. I don't think this idea is necessarily a bad one - it discourages people from wandering off from the team at the end, and makes the zeds move faster to reach the players (nothing worse than...
  3. Althamus

    Failed to start game (missing executable)

    I get this error message whenever I try to run KF: Tried verifying game integrity, closing down any non-necessary programs running (including anti-virus and firewall temporarily), and followed all instructions on the link it gave me...
  4. Althamus

    Idea for new class

    I just happened to come across this forum again today, and checked the Ideas and found yet another thread for a new clsas which was basically the same as existing classes. This made me think - the only reason to add a new class is that it fills a niche that other classes don't. Most of the...
  5. Althamus

    Idea to make the LAW a bit better

    Give it penetration. When a LAW rocket hits something small (crawler, clot, gorefast, stalker) it will instagib the specimen and keep going. If a LAW rocket hits something bigger (bloat, siren, husk, Sc, FP) it will explode. This means: Less blowing yourself up on stalkers. That scrake...
  6. Althamus

    Sharpshooter loadout suggestions

    Hey guys. I'm starting to return to the sharpshooter once more, after a period of getting bored with it and going off to pastures new. However, the M99 is too cheesey for my liking, and the LAR/EBR is (IMHO) now a weaker choice, leaving me with the crossbow. However, while LAR/EBRing, it did...
  7. Althamus

    Killing clots

    I was playing a kiting map just now, and entered in and the guys who were playing were tellign me not to kill clots because it makes things easier to kite. I can understand the point that if you (in theory) leave 31 clots alive and only kill the 32nd zed, it'll go horrendously slowly, but...
  8. Althamus

    Men vs Women

    OK, I'm well aware that this could have a lot of drama over the topic, can we try and keep it civil and calm if at all possible? But with the introduction of Ash Harding the floodgates have been promised to be opened, and I'm sure we'll have a wealth of new female characters in the next little...
  9. Althamus

    Support Specialist Loadout

    I was just thinking to myself, most classes have specific loadouts, or a couple of loadouts at high difficulty. Firebugs almost always go flamethrower/MAC10, sharps go HC/Xbow / LAR/EBR, zerkers often go katana/axe/LAR etc etc. Supports seem to vary a lot though, and I can think of about 5...
  10. Althamus

    Couple of questions

    Heya guys. I was looking into some Killing Floor in depth, and have a couple of questions. Support specialists receive bonus damage to grenades. I heard somewhere that this applies to M79/M32/M4 203 grenades, not just hand grenades. Does it? Shotguns deal almost double their damage when fired...
  11. Althamus

    Ideas for making Firebugs useful at endgame

    Firebugs tend to be looked at as the least useful class, and it's rare that they're ever seen on Hell on Earth. On the other hand, personally speaking, when using the firebug on the easier difficulties (hard or below), they tend to be rather good. Apart from a complete inability to take out...
  12. Althamus

    Perks upgrade other classes

    I know this idea will be controversial, but bear with me. Currently, the only advantage of upgrading multiple perks to L6 is flexibility. You can choose whether to be awesome at a variety of classes, rather than being forced to only be awesome at one single class. While that's useful, and gives...