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  • I am sorry to say this, but I am not authorized of doing such an action, for it may result in an unforeseen consequence for the both of us.
    well by downloading the killingfloor sdk you should now have ucc in your killingfloor/system folder so now you can compile =D
    More good atm but later it will do more harm until you learn this.

    now do you have the killingfloor sdk installed?
    the mutator folder doesn't go in killingfloor/sytem..
    the mutator folder goes in the killing floor folder so your folder setup should be killingfloor/MutRadar/classes/

    also i was looking at the . bat file
    please edit it with notepad or something so it only has

    Del MutRadar.u
    UCC Make

    also again make sure the .bat in in killingfloor/system

    if i do it for you, you won't learn =D
    no need to pay man thats just silly lol actually in that download link you actually do have a compiler. it's that .bat file it just needs to be in killingfloor/system folder for it to work
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