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Alexander Ostmann
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  • Hey dude, you wouldn't happen to be the same Ostmann leading the 2nd Rifle Section in Operation Orientalem would you?
    I can give you my ID,, &. password,,,,send you the photos,,and you install them.
    What concerns me about that,,they might know my machine via cookies,,or things,,and if someone uses another type,,it might be rejected.

    All I want is to put a dopey little photo by name......
    Is there any way you can think of,,that I can download a photo via an I pad 1 into the avatar setup..I actually joined facebook,,to do this,but they won't allow downloads because of my non adobeed machine.

    I am able to e mail the picture to other people,,but this round about way,,is driving me MONDO....
    I am new @ this stuff,,hope you received last message.
    I needed a new toy,,so I bought the storm,,,being retired,,,is a *****....words of advice...DONT GET OLD,,,& GOD forbid,,,,DONT GET SICK((unless your in THE ARMY,,,,or MEDICAID)

    Please bear with Thetoad,,,he is inept on everything computery,,,,,,,as was said prior.
    I was inspecting my heli & repairing,,,,,a so called..RTF ,,,ready to Fly,,,as opposed to ATF. Almost ready to fly

    Must have bee damaged in it's journey from HONGKONG

    Thanks for the Friendship......You need one,,,,these daze...
    I give you 10 points for that funny a** video you posted a few days ago in that one thread. I couldn't stop rolling.
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