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  • Dude, you must be crazy! How come I see 100's of pics at ModDB of killing floor 1.0 content that was never released? Seriously, you shud release that, honestly! I will die if you don't release it soon. I know it been like 5 years since an update on KF 1.0 but still you need to release that sht! RELEASE IT RELEASE IT!
    I do not consider pointing out a blatantly broken game mechanic to be trolling. If I were inclined to troll, I could easily be throwing around juvenile insults and falsities. Of course, I'm actually taking the time to construct well reasoned responses backed by facts.

    If any and all constructive criticism of Killing Floor is discouraged on this forum, if simply not permitted whatsoever, then the rules should be amended to suggest such. I would like to see the game be improved, but if TWI vehemently opposes that direction, then it would save us all much wasted time and effort to tell us exactly that upfront.
    Nooooooooooo.... <yell gradually fades out>. I have angered the volcano gods.
    Are you the Alex_KF who made KF or are you that noob who keeps coming in and asking where the shop is!
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