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    [art] Long coat concept

    Lisbeth Salander and Blade at the goth club ! It's actually super 90s inspired and I totally dig it.
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    Enemy skins match levels

    I may be mistaken, but I believe it's actually the case? I recall playing Abusement Park during Christmas for a daily objective and actually seeing Summer zeds... But if anyone could back that up, that would be great.
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    Minimized battle chatter.

    ...That's a weird way to put it but okay. I mean, that feels almost like aggression when you could have simply said that the intent and purpose isn't fulfilled because the sounds is not clear and/or loud enough. I'm not "lying" that the goal is valuable. I do agree with your second paragraph...
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    Sharpshooter Dual 9mm's ammo

    I'm quite torn on this idea, but truth be told, I only have one argument against it : the sharpshooter is MEANT to be weak at self-defense. Up until a certain point, both the sharp and the demo were based on the core idea of being "glass cannons/nukers". Meaning they were absolutely devastating...
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    Minimized battle chatter.

    Wouldn't it be counter-intuitive though? Admittedly, it's not as prevalent than in games like Left 4 Dead, but characters' banter actually helps you in the middle of the fight. Telling you when you should be covering someone because he's reloading or bleeding out, when a tough zed spawned and...
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    Tripwire Appoints new Interim CEO, Alan Wilson

    And if you look above, you'll see the people calling everyone who disagrees with them "snowflakes", being absolute snowflakes. Care to mention who the hell you are and where you've been for the past few years anyway?
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    Turns out that TWI president John Gibson has some balls on him

    I mean...We're talking about a law that would punish women for making their own choices with their bodies FAR MORE than proper rapists. Regardless of your stance on the matter, that's hardly a good reason to rejoice. I absolutely won't boycott Tripwire because games aren't made by a single...
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    What would you rather see for the future of KF2 and the inevitability of KF3?

    Yes of course, they're part of folklore now. But it's also a bit overdone to me. I'm kinda tired of seeing the same costumes each and every year. I think it shouldn't be thought of with updates in mind, so we wouldn't feel like always playing with "event zeds" (as whenever I boot up the game...
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    Merc Report - Delving Deep

    Oh man. Mountainpass at night made me crap my pants. Especially when played without music. It's arguably still as easy considering the layout is the same, but the atmosphere is entirely different. It's arguably one of the scariest map for me (as well as Bioticslabs, Bedlam and somewhat Wyre)
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    Merc Report - Delving Deep

    Meh... Altough, as @flashn00b said, it's interesting that Halloween is the only event still getting theme-appropriate maps, I'm personally a bit fed-up with the occult and paranormal maps myself. I often point out the future labs and spaceships, but hell/dark magic inspired maps are also...
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    What would you rather see for the future of KF2 and the inevitability of KF3?

    So you're among those who wish to keep the events if I understand correctly? Personally, I'm a bit tired of them, especially since they're tied to every updates now. I believe we should have a single "event-update" that comes back every year, for shorter periods of time (2-3 weeks maximum) and...
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    Sig Sauer P226 9mm strobe light attachment

    Meh... I don't see why it should be an innate weapon rather than a simple purchase to be fair. Especially with that many capabilities : extra headshot power and the ability to stun? That sounds like a T3 at the very least ! I also don't really get why it couldn't be dual-wielded, except for an...
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    Merc Report - Fall's Changing Field Conditions

    That sounds like a clever idea that could work. I dig it. Although it would still be a "get out of jail free" card, it wouldn't be as spammy at the very least. You can have a quick slap, then you're back to using your gun. Although you can also just spam grenades still... Gosh, that perk is a...
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    difficulty modification at the end of a game

    I mean, it's inconvenient for sure, but worst case scenario you can also create your own lobby and invite friends or pray for good players to join... Or you can simply switch servers. And as you said : if the map doesn't please you, you're always free to yeet yourself. It seems like a...
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    What would you rather see for the future of KF2 and the inevitability of KF3?

    I would add to my previous message this oddly specific request : -Better, more diverse maps : quite puzzling how I forgot about that considering how often I complained about the overdose of futuristic labs and spaceships. It's really something I'm tired of and I really hope KF3 won't have as...