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Recent content by Aleflippy

  1. Aleflippy

    New Paid Weapons

    Come on now, you can't trademark a pose. And lightsabers have been included in some form in TONS of sci-fi works.
  2. Aleflippy

    New Paid Weapons

    You probably already answered that somewhere, but wouldn't it be possible to whitelist/blacklist some maps to avoid such things? Or tie the stats only to certain servers that use the proper "Tripwire stats" ? If I'm not mistaken, most maps couldn't increase your stats back in KF1 for that very...
  3. Aleflippy

    Glock 18 & Riot Shield usefullness

    Well... isn't that the case of most of the SWAT's arsenal? I mean, you can try to snipe some targets from afar and do fairly well (mostly with the MP7 I'd say), but his role is still a trash cleaner, who "spray'n'pray" very well. And for that, the glock is an absolute beast. So far, I'd even...
  4. Aleflippy

    How often will DLC weapon bundles go on sale?

    Well...Most gunslinger weapons (besides maybe the centerfire & LAR) are at least moderately effective against crawlers. It may lack the extra shots needed to dispatch them even quicker, but I'd say he's already one of the best crawler-killer, considering his speed and RoF
  5. Aleflippy

    New Paid Weapons

    This or the good ol' way : do a serie of tasks or challenges and earn a weapon for doing so ! With the option of buying the gun if you want to use it directly.
  6. Aleflippy

    Will we land on the moon in the spring of 2020?

    Then that's atompunk... not cyberpunk ~~~~ Plus, wasn't there a steam-rocket back in the last summer map?
  7. Aleflippy

    Jaeger Dynamic FN FAL Skin is great! Please make more of these

    No offense, but I think it actually reduces creativity to do so...Not to mention it actually overloads the game with tons of skins that amount to basically the same thing. I think we're fine with merely having a selection of skins. However, I do believe some weapon skins could ALSO become...
  8. Aleflippy

    M32 is not effective as a tier 5 weapon, need to be buffed.

    Why though? If every weapon is just as effective against anything, why bother having multiple weapons at all? You can pretty much switch to any weapon you might need/want RIGHT BEFORE the wave against the boss. Again, the problem is that it's currently a tier 5. Which makes it rather...
  9. Aleflippy

    Kicking off 2020 with a couple of Holdout maps.

    Hopefully not, but I have to admit I have something for creepy test labs he he he... Other than that, it's mostly for the constantly evolving arena that I'd like one or more maps in that style.
  10. Aleflippy

    Female Characters

    Jokes and SJW claims put aside... She's not wrong though. It would be neat to have more female characters. And hopefully... Not (always) behind a paywall (we, gamers, are never happy are we?) I won't complain about the current roster. I mean...No one seems plain and that's a good thing IMO. It...
  11. Aleflippy

    Zet counter

    I'm not someone who cares that much about stats. But it's rather harmless too soooo... Yes?
  12. Aleflippy

    neft hans plz.

    Eeeeh... I honestly feel no boss is particularly OP at the moment. Some are harder than others, but that's to be expected. And I'd say Hans is not part of them. Currently, I would argue that the Patriarch and Abomination are the most difficult bosses to deal with. Then Hans and the Matriarch...
  13. Aleflippy

    Will we land on the moon in the spring of 2020?

    Can't say for sure... We already have space-themed maps, taking place either in futuristic installations or space ships. Plus we already went to the moon in KF1. But it's not as if we couldn't go back... Maybe with some extra story elements to it?
  14. Aleflippy

    What's the best way to play sharpshooter? Am i supposed to target only big zeds and nothing else?

    Sounds like you had shitty teammates...mate ! ;-) At that point, almost every perk can handle every situation. Depending on the weapon and/or skills you choose. But yes : the primary role of the Sharp is to kill quickly and efficiently the heavy-hitters and prime targets (flesh pounds...
  15. Aleflippy

    Kicking off 2020 with a couple of Holdout maps.

    I'm a sucker for holdout maps myself! But it is true that they tend to be very cramped... More open versions would be great (if taking more ressources I presume). That may also be me, but I would love another map like DieSector... Something truly tailored to Endless. Obviously, we don't need...