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Recent content by Aleflippy

  1. Aleflippy

    Perk Buff ideas.

    -I really like the EMP idea! It would actually be a great trade-off to deal with one of the most infuriating capabilities in the game. And it also makes sense for the Zerk to have it. - I don't know if we truly need something to compensate "High Capacity Mags" not working with the shotguns you...
  2. Aleflippy

    New Zed (Possible Boss Zed)

    Funny thing is : for quite a while, we all thought the Matriarch would be like that. Some kind of "Spider Queen" of some sort, with maybe some Siren thrown in for good measure. Mind you, most people are a bit bored with the "zed, except it's a boss" schtick. But who knows... Maybe a "swarmer"...
  3. Aleflippy

    Tripwire Q & A - A return of the Tripwire Interactive Community Report and WWAUT

    Bumping that comment because those suggestions...Oh my !
  4. Aleflippy

    Idea of a new weapon for firebug

    Even though I believe the firebug got plenty of love already... How can I resist a goddamn flaming rocket launcher?? The perk also lack a very heavy hitting weapon. Of the type that can make short work of a large group of enemies or a single powerful target. I'm a strong advocate for perks and...
  5. Aleflippy

    Please Nerf the Matriarch and buff the SWAT

    I actually feel you nailed it...even in regards to Humam's comment right below. This could apply for a lot of stuff within Killing Floor... And gaming in general. Are things truly hard? Or do they appear that way because everything else is too bloody easy? It's common for people to just...
  6. Aleflippy

    Questions I'm curious, events I want and little change

    We've been imploring for the possibility to choose our starting weapon pretty much since the inclusion of the perk... To no avail. It's actually baffling that they thought that picking a weapon at random would be a great idea. That's pretty much the opposite of what the survivalist is meant to...
  7. Aleflippy

    Merc Report - M&Ms

    DLC weapons have been a mixed bag so far...Not exactly their ideas per say, but mostly how they ended up feeling like. Some are great. Some are meh. Some are in dire need of tweaks. But for the sheer idea alone, I'm totally sold on those two guns! Yes, I do believe that the medic is fully...
  8. Aleflippy

    Killing Floor 2 future Content wanted

    Quite honestly, besides maybe the VS mode since it's already there, I doubt the rest will be done for KF2. That would warrant a brand new game...a spin-off even. The game is far past its prime, and making a proper Coop campaign or RPG mode would be very time and resources consuming. Something...
  9. Aleflippy

    Ak 47 ...

    I think that would be the best of both worlds for people asking for very similar guns. It would piss off the gun-nuts, but oh well... I really don't want another AK when we already have the AK-12.
  10. Aleflippy

    Please Support!

    Funnily enough for a perk called "support", it's actually one of the meatiest perk you can pick from. I find it weird that you have so much troubles with it, as it's one of the few perks that can deal with anything...Even with its starting weapon mind you ! Hell, you could probably finish a...
  11. Aleflippy

    RogueLight Gamemode

    You kinda answered your own question there : " It would take of a lot of implementing and experimentation " That's something that won't happen in a game far past its prime. To be fair, even if KF2 was brand new and much more successful, that's pretty much the basis for a brand new game ! So...
  12. Aleflippy

    Merc Report - Shock and Firewall

    Meh... I really struggle to see what the Scorcher will bring compared to the Spitfire. It seems really gimmicky. And as others pointed out : a weapon for the firebug...AGAIN?! I believe the perk is one of the funniest to play with, but that's getting ridiculous. I have a similar feeling for the...
  13. Aleflippy

    Merc Report - All Aboard

    ALL ABOAAAARD HA HA HA HA HA Cheeky Ozzy reference asides, the map looks sick ! I often say I'm tired of KF2 maps always looking the same as they're always reusing the same assets, but that one looks cool. Probably due to its nightmarish tones.
  14. Aleflippy

    Kick zeds

    The melee attack itself already does very little damage. Besides if you strike the head of an already wounded trash zed, you probably won't kill anyone. So again, what's the point of having both?
  15. Aleflippy

    Kick zeds

    At least I've proven my point, since you can't even use a reply or comment function properly.