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  • hi,Aeneas2020,I'm from the Chinese community of RO, We would like to ask for your permission to let us translate the DHmanuel for non-commercial use only, Thx again for the fantastic work.
    Hi. We have a server (Clan TORO server) and we would like to set your mod on it.

    We have the files and I think we must wait for your pass and instructions, isnt it?

    Thx and lets have fun.
    Hey, this is Sgt.Rock. I've heard RnL needs animators and such, and I'm up for a shot. You know from before I have some experience with animating, and I have the programs to do so, so I'd be up for an evaluation animation project for them to see if they like my work.

    Im heading back to the university on the 12th, but that wouldn't stop me from contributing in my free time.
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