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Recent content by _Dariuszek_

  1. _Dariuszek_

    RO2 My GPU died, please help me to choose new GPU only for Red Orchestra 2! :)

    Hi My old GPU died, and I need new one. Because my PC is not young, so I want to buy the fastest GPU for my current setup. I don't know that I should buy GTX or Radeon. My current setup. CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 RAM: OCZ REAPER DDR2 4Gb 2x2Gb 1066MHz PSU: CORSAIR HX Series CMPSU-620HX...
  2. _Dariuszek_

    Steam Cards!

    Hi I know this is stupid, but, I want them all! All cards for my best games, which is Red Orchestra 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Prison Architect! But don't tell anyone about Prison Architect, beacuse I play only hardcore games! :) Anyway, I'm Level 5 for Red Orchestra, and now what I need Is foil...
  3. _Dariuszek_

    RO2 Performance

    I want to ask you about RO2 and RS performance, for me after Rising Storm release is worse, the game has become nearly unplayable. I'm sure you want to know wha my is cfg. CPU: Quad 9550 GPU: GTX 260 AMP2 876MB RAM: 4GB I just want to know how your performance, don't need any tips, because...
  4. _Dariuszek_

    [Error] TT-33 from LV50 to LV37

    Yesterday I had this gun on LV50, today (it was a surprise) is on LV37 http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/541831196322828878/7A2084DBF062BE72FE12EDF90A0E35E8DB83C258/
  5. _Dariuszek_

    Anti - Tank Soldier on HERO = GIFT

    If you have Anti - Tank Soldier on HERO i will give you Arma 3 Alpha Lite and DOTA 2 steam gift, just post a screen. So who first will get them :)
  6. _Dariuszek_

    [Question] "depth of field" very important question!

    Dear TWI I have to ask you serious question about "depth of field" As you probably noticed many players turn off the "depth of field" in the .ini file. Some players make it off because they like when graphic is "sharp" all the time (for example me) It is so hard sometimes becouse blur is where...
  7. _Dariuszek_


    I'm sure 100% this guy is a cheater (AIM bot), can anybody report him to punkbuster or something? Thank you! http://steamcommunity.com/id/co-admin/
  8. _Dariuszek_

    COUNTDOWN EVENT - This Friday

    I really like this mode but I can not play it because it is very hard to find Countdown game with players. Unfortunately, I do not have server to make Countdown game. However, courtesy of Mr. Pang I can invite you to Countdown server this Friday...
  9. _Dariuszek_


    Achievement which I do not have with a description. Anyone get them?
  10. _Dariuszek_

    [Error] Single player (few bugs)

    I finished today, the German campaign only to get training achievements and found a few bugs. All errors was found in the German campaign!
  11. _Dariuszek_

    [Error] MAUSER C96 (magic trick)

    Catagory: animation Reproducibility: sometimes Online: Firefight multiplayer game Apartments map.
  12. _Dariuszek_

    Steam decided that you are not authorized!

    I played on this server then I was disconnected, and when I want to connect again I get this message. What happend, why I can't connect to this serwer? Edit: I post in wrong section sorry!
  13. _Dariuszek_

    Red Orchestra 2 & Steam Workshop?

    It would be interesting! http://steamcommunity.com/workshop
  14. _Dariuszek_

    [Error] Bullets do not hit place where you aim.

    Sometimes this happens to me but finaly I found place where I can show you what I mean.
  15. _Dariuszek_

    Idea for "ZOOM" How to makes the Veterans happy

    So I bought RO1 just to see the difference between RO1 and RO2. And I can not agree with the Veterans, zoom is a great feature! Aim for the pixel is simply not cool but... But "ZOOM" in its present form is bad, because is so easy to run & stop and kill enemy from 200 metters in a heartbeat...