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    the HUD

    The HUD has always been an issue even for "Veteran players" as i am. Also as a professional computer graphics designer this time, let me give you my opinion about that. The shape that compose this assembly of different objects is weird and not optimal. HUD should give you the most informations...
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    Red orchestra 3 + Unreal Engine 4 ?

    If ro3 would be on UE 4... What do you think ? :)
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    Something broken with the KAR98 scoped

    Hi, I wanna report a weird thing with the Kar98 scoped. The aiming system seems broken, something changed compared at the beginning, it's like negative acceleration when you try to aim fast or a wrong position of the sight when you aim compar to the hipshot position. Maybe if you have old copy...
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    Russian nade bug

    Hi, Just to report this bug a bit late I know, but I was playing FireFight sooner and it just remind me this : When you cook a nade before (only for russian nade) you can not throw it as far as you could if you just simply use it without cooking it. It seems to not happen everytime but...
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    TWILadder is looking for an extra Streamer.

    Hi guys ! I make this post outside the ladder part of this forums because we're looking for a good extra-streamer for the Ladder. We already have one but if we could find something like two more, it would be for the best. Indeed it will be easier to a group of streamer to cover every matches...
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    No footsteps sounds

    Hi, This is an issue which realy annoyed us during the last omano tournament, it's reproducible on any map at any time and it make you totaly silenced so you can take your opponent from his back easily. It's not a big deal on public server with 64 players but it's very unfair on private games...
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    The Omano Tournament : "-Be the Hero of Stalingrad !"

    please delete wrong post
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    Why change Realism ?

    Hi ! I noticed that contrary your changelog said for the last update, realism have changed... Indeed you have decrease the speed and the time to recover the breath. So my question is why change this setting and why didn't wrote the changes in the changelog ? In some way now realism looks like...
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    RO2 64 Player drop of performance !

    Hi, I want to report an huge drop of performance for high end GPU card since the last patch we are many guys which have lost fps on map 64 players ! My setup : Nvidia Gtx 680 lightning, Intel 3770k 4,6@, 8go 1600mhz Win 7 64bits integral I can personnaly play every map alone with a full 120...
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    [Question] Loss of frames for no reason ???

    Hi, Today i'm coming to you with a serious issue which happened to me 2 weeks ago. I was in vacation for one month so I let my computer to my brother and when I came back to home, I had loose more than 30 fps on RO2 with no explanations. So first I incriminated my young brother, and I just...
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    A Stalingrad documentary from 1C Game Studio

    Hi ! I would like to share you a very interesting documentary about the battle of stalingrad with a lot of original footage... (even if most of them was made by russian propaganda after) It comes from 1C Game Studio which is working on IL2 Battle of Stalingrad. An aircraft simulator which will...
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    RS Rising Storm SMGs too powerfull

    Hi all ! I just made a video to show how Rising Storm Smgs are too unbalanced in the game compar to RO2-Hos where PPsh and Mp40 are very balanced, powerfull at middle and low distance for good players and realy hard to handle at high distance. RS SMG too Powerfull - YouTube Thanks for...
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    RO2 Thank you...

    Hi, I'm gonna make short because I'm tired to constantly complain about insame changes that someone make to this game. First - Don't know what you have done with bayonet but you just broke it. Before it was great and very intense now when you use it you just looks like a Dumb ! Thank you for...
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    RS Booby Trap Gap.

    Hi, Today I was playing on RS and I was a bit angry about booby trap... :p I'm not questioning the existence of the booby trap on the game, I find the system really interesting and very fun but to my mind there is major problem which need to be fixed ! It simple :Japanese don't blow up on...
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    RO2 Give Us A Real Spectator Mode

    Hi, I would like to talk about something that I think, is shared by all the RO2 Community, and I also take this opportunity to invite you guys if if you are not involved in the ladder yet to join the competition through the TWI Ladder Website. ►► ◄◄ There...