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  • Hi Harley,
    I was wondering if you might be able to let me use your fantastic tree meshes for a map I'm working on. You made such fantastic examples that they're really the only ones to use.
    Thanks and happy mapping,

    I have played you map (Bridges od Druzhina) now few times and I think it is an excellent combined arms map. I like the athmosphere and the look of the map. Although it needs patient to learn. One thing crossed my mind last time I played it: have you considered to make a winter version of this map? This map very much bring memories of Ostfront's Kryukovo map and it would be nice to see that kind of map for RO:HoS as well. I think that this map would work very well as a winter version as well. :)

    Keep up the good work with mapmaking. I hope you have some fresh ideas. Me and my friends are looking for more content from you. :)

    With best regards

    (RO since 2006)

    sry my english is no very good... is google english... ;)

    I want to say thank you for your map ...
    is a very good map ...

    if you want to test a map tell me about it ... I have a test server ...
    I invited you in steam ...

    thank you
    hey dude, I just played Bridges for about an hour, 64 players.

    First of all let me say, i had alot of fun. This map forces allied players to use super-dangerous maneuvers to advance, and that was thrilling to me. (another Ost veteran, so I love that kind of careful advance) Also, your terrain work, especially the network of craters and ditches, is great. Clearly very well thought out.

    However, I have criticisms to make. (Note that I played Allies for almost the whole hour, and we never got past caps C and (D?), so I cant comment on the map past that point.)

    I think Allies need to spawn closer to the action when fighting for C and (D or B, i forget) This cap was where the game stayed for most of the round. The allies came very close to capping C about 2/3 times per round - I feel if they spawned closer they would be able to keep the pressure higher on the german defenses.

    Also, a few more placements of cover seem needed. Don't get me wrong, I love challenging maneuvering and using smoke! But I felt allies had to be TOO cautious and slow approaching C, and 1/2/3 more pieces of cover would help alot, hopefully without ruining the exciting challenge.

    Hope you take my feedback into account, and thanks for the great map. Has a really good feel to it so far.
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