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XBox One


What We Are Up To - Fire Downrange

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Firebugs, we here at Horzine have been informed about your burning need for more scintillating weaponry. Today we want to share two ways you’ll be burning up the competition for Zed kills in the near future.

Ever noticed when fighting a Zed horde that new ones tend to replace the ones you just killed, often in the same place? What if you left them a fiery present? The lab coats have been tooling around with the ammunition for the Dragonsbreath over the last few weeks, and they’ve come up with an upgrade.

Soon to be deployed for field testing, each fiery round is now guaranteed to leave ground fire at the site of impact (either directly, or where you hit a Zed). Helping the team lockdown that chokepoint? Switch weapons no more as you continue to blast away creating pools of fire to thin out the herd.

Another prototype from the HRG team is also on the way to help you reach out and burn some...

What We Are Up To - Lapsed Judgment

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Perhaps we should not have come here”, was the thought on the top of the mercs minds as they entered deeper and deeper into the facility. New clues were the lure that brought them here, the supposed site of one of Dr. Clamely’s favorite offices to work out of when he was more... human-like. But perhaps that, like so many other leads, was just another trap.

Biolapse by Delta-Ranger, took First Place in the Non-Survival mapping contest and is the next community map joining the official rotation. Biolapse is a Holdout style map where players clear floor by floor before moving on to the next. Featuring a wide array of rooms, players will soon discover that the doors they locked behind them may soon be blocking their hasty “suddenly planned” retreat.

We’ll have more to share with the mercs...

Killing Floor 2 State of the Game, David Amata provides a look the...

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As Killing Floor 2, closes out the 2019 chapter of its lifecycle, it’s important to reflect on how the game has grown and changed over the past year and where it’s going for its continued future. On the outset of 2019, we had three overarching goals we wanted to target:

  1. Target top quality of life improvements and issues
  2. Add weapons to the arsenal that fulfilled unserved functions with a perk’s existing arsenal
  3. Deliver on long-in-development features and content that are hotly requested.

For the first point, we did a deep analysis of our end of year survey, forums, and community posts and compiled a list of things we wanted to target within each of our updates. These improvements came directly from the fan requests so please continue to be active on the forums, surveys, and social media.

At the end of 2018, we recognized we had a robust catalog of weapons so we wanted to make a concerted effort within the design to tailor each new weapon to serve some...

Release date and platform announcements for Maneater!

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We are thrilled to announce, Maneater is scheduled to launch on May 22, 2020 for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, and PC (via the Epic Games Store), with plans to launch later in 2020 on Nintendo Switch ™.

Killing Floor 2 Yuletide Horror 2019 Update Launch Event and Steam In-Game...

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Get Killing Floor 2 on sale this holiday from 12/10-12/17 for 67% off, all in-game keys and bundles discounted for a limited time for up to 25% newly released items and up to 50% previously released content! Feel the holiday spirit multiplied with 2XP and Quad Drops during the first week of launch.

Prices listed below are USD.

New December 2019 Item Promotional Discounts

20% Discount - $2.49 -> $1.99

  • Emote Crate Key Series #3
  • Jaeger USB Key
  • Premium Christmas Ticket

New December 2019 Cosmetic Bundles and Discounts:

20% Discount

  • Santa’s Helper Outfit Bundle $4.99 -> $3.99
  • Yuletide Horror Weapon Skin Bundle $14.99 -> $11.99

25% Discount

  • Jaeger Weapon Skin Double Pack $3.99 -> $2.99
  • Foster’s Favorites Weapon Skin Pack...

Yuletide Horror Is Here!

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  • 19

Yuletide Horror
  • Happy holidays from the Horzine team as we present our seasonal Yuletide Horrors update! Take a perilous stroll through Sanitarium and uncover its dark, ritualistic secrets while dispatching the holiday horrors skulking through its maniacal hallways. But don’t stop there! You can thwart the Patriarch’s plans to clone a legion of Zeds in the Biotics Lab Objective game mode. Seems a bit much to get done on top of decorating and gift wrapping? Don’t worry, the Horzine team developed a few new handy dandy weapons to knock the socks off those pesky, ravenous elves! As you deck the halls with guts and blood, wear some holiday cheer with our many new cosmetics that’ll put even your own grandmother’s sweater to shame! Tis the season to be slaying, and from the...

What We Are Up To - Investigating Persons and Places Of Interest

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Person Of Interest Biography

Name: Rachel Clamely
Previous Last Sighting: (Believed deceased) The London Underground
(Former) Occupation: Horzine Science Division
Current Mental Status: Insane
Known Relatives: Kevin Clamely (AKA: The Patriarch)


We have some good news! We are not sure how, but the “good” Dr. survived the incident in the London Underground, however that is about the end of the jovial news here. Much as the literary case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the doctor we once knew has changed, and not for the better!

What little intel we have managed to gather so far suggests that, much like her father, she began to dabble in human modification to better battle the threat of the Patriarch and his clone army. Her results seemed to have fared about as well in the mental stability department, so good luck trying to reason with her.

It appears our...

What We Are Up To - Preparing For ... Something

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Hello Mercs,

Last week we mentioned you would be heading back into the Biotics Lab to shut it down for good, and today we want to go over the new resources you’ll have available to get that job done. The Horzine Research Group has come up with some new concepts we think you are going to love.

First up, the HRG Winterbite for those Gunslingers out there. We get it, sometimes you just want to feel loved by the Sharpshooters, or well anybody running away from a ZED. Don’t you worry, with the Winterbite there is no way for you to fail! Equipped to fire cartridges to put some nitrogen ice shards downrange, these babies will help you bring your foes to a standstill, setting up some great combos with your team. Or team up with a Firebug for a Siren’s song of Fire and Ice!

And Medics, for you the HRG Incision may be your new best friend. The...

What We Are Up To - Back To The Lab

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Hello Mercs,

We’ve received word from the top on your next Objective. It looks like you’ll be revisiting some old ground in the Biotics Lab, and with good reason. Since you’ve last been there it looks like someone has brought it back into full operation and has resumed clone production.

Dr. Buyu has called for help and this time, we need to make sure when you leave, nothing will bring this facility back online. That means shutting down the production lines and playing havoc with the raw material being used so nothing can be salvaged.

On the way out, do make sure to leave a present for the clot birthing “creature” in the tank will you?

Don’t worry, we won’t be sending you in without some new tools of the trade, and trust us, you'll need them if what we are hearing is correct. We have reports that some of the mercs in the field we had tracking down those...

Grim Treatments Hotfix 1087 is live.

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Hello Mercs,
We have just pushed a Hotfix across all platforms.

Steam PC - 1087 : PS4 - 1.36 : XB1 -

Bug Fixes:
  • [PS4 & XB1] Addressed crashes caused by specific character and accessory combinations centered around DJ Scully and Oisten Jagerhorn that also affected other players on a server when those combinations were present.
  • [Steam PC] Addressed the issue in which the client and server were not properly downloading mutator workshop content.
  • [All Platforms] Corrected Rhino Revolver Bundle to only include Gunslinger perk within the store description
  • [XB1] Addressed issues in which the store did not fully populate with all available items.
  • [XB1] Addressed party group invite reliability within the Main Menu.

As always, thank you for your continued support!

PSA: Known Console Crash and matchmaking issue (with workarounds)

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We are tracking two crashes related to the Xbox and PS4. These are likely related to cosmetics equiped. Below is a list we have gathered so far.:

  1. Wearing the Scullyphones on DJ Scully
  2. Equiping Steampunk and Dragon and Koi gear
  3. Wearing Horzine Elite Gold Suit
  4. Beyond Horizon weapon skins
For now please avoid these things as we work to get these addressed. If experiencing similar with other cosmetics please list your platform and the combinations of cosmetics equipped. From what we are seeing these are the primary cause of almost all crashes players are currently experiencing (which includes a crash when joining a match) if these are set on your default character.

On matchmaking, we believe we have identified what is happening there as well. While we work on a fix for the root cause we've got a workaround in play that should make it much more likely that players will find a match.

We are working towards a hotfix to fully address these issues...

Killing Floor 2 Grim Treatments Update Is Now Live!

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Grim Treatments
  • Prepare for the tricks and treats in this year’s ghastly Grim Treatment update! Wander inside the Ashwood Asylum and witness the haunting halls filled with countless, creepy creatures ready to hunt you down. Return to Nuked to save Kevin Jr. with the help of Dr. Ogada Buyu. Thankfully, the Horzine Research Group has refurbished a selection of weapons to deal with the oncoming challenges. Along the way, you may find some spooky accessories to customize your looks for the grisly Grim Treatment event! See you on the frightful floor!
  • Event Ends on 11 / 5 / 2019

New Additions and Highlights
  • 1 New Map
    • Ashwood Asylum
      • ...

What We Are Up To - Investigating the Paranormal

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  • 12
Hello Everyone!

Today we wanted to cover some Quality of Life improvements coming towards Killing Floor 2 that we are sure many of you will enjoy.

Starting with weaponry, the team is taking another pass at the Vlad-1000 Nailgun and the Hemogoblin, tuning these weapons in to make them feel more useful in the hands of players. Both of these weapons received a lot of quality feedback in the recent community survey and we want to make sure they get dialed into something more valuable to the players.

Another change we are making is removing the recoil buff from the Commando Hollow Point Rounds skill and making it into a passive for all Commando's. A lot of community feedback pointed towards the recoil feeling like a necessity for the Commando Perk, so we want to give recoil reduction as a passive a try instead of giving Eat Lead recoil reduction similar to Hollow Point Rounds. We are looking forward to seeing how Eat Lead and Hollow Point Rounds feel in the upcoming update.

The team...