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Killing Floor 2 Hotfix - PC Build 1109

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PS4: 1.49

Bug fixes included

Elysium Map:
  • Addressed multiple locations where players could reach areas unavailable to Zeds by using a “boomstick jump”.
  • Adjusted ammo boxes appearing on the Main play area.
  • Addressed Zed pathing in various locations.
  • Addressed graphic artifacting on various locations when using high graphics quality.
  • Addressed issues with Zeds spawning in the main area when players are in other locations.
  • Addressed floating vegetation in the main area.
  • Addressed various player “stuck spots” across the map.
  • Addressed location where dropped weapons bounce far away from players on the desert area
  • Addressed areas in the desert arena where weapons would be hidden by sand.
  • Adjusted collision in multiple areas that would cause the player to appear crouched when running.
  • Adjusted collision where player’s visual position could be desynced from actual collision.

As always, thank you for your continued...

Killing Floor 2 - Spring and Beyond Roadmap

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As a follow up to our State of the Game 2020 message, I would like to give you all a peek into our plans for 2021 with the Season Updates so that you have some clarity in what we’re hoping to accomplish and target for the year. I want to strongly emphasize that all these plans are subject to change as we progress through development, go through iteration and playtesting to see what works and makes the cut for release.

For 2021, we’ll once again be partnering with Saber Interactive throughout the year to deliver a similar level of content and features to what you experienced in 2020. To get more specific for our next upcoming Spring 2021 update targeted for release at the end of the quarter, here’s a high-level bulleted overview:

  • New Weeklies
    • Finally, after three years and popular demand, we’ll be looking to expand the roster of weekly outbreaks for the next update. We’re...

Join the Maneater AMA Today!

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Have any burning questions about Maneater? Tomorrow's your time to ask! Head on over to r/pcgaming TODAY (01/13/21) for a special AMA featuring some jawesome Maneater Devs!


Killing Floor 2 State of the Game 2020 By Product Director David Amata

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Killing Floor 2: State Of The Game 2020

As 2020 soon draws to a close, it's important to once again look back at the year to see where the game has been and look ahead to the future for what comes next. This past year has certainly been a challenge for everyone in the world, so right at the start I would like to send a heartfelt thanks to our entire community that has grown and supported us throughout the year. Your commitment to Killing Floor 2 is what enables us to do what we do and pushes us to go on.

This year we added the Epic Games Store to the fold for KF2, which added millions of new owners to the community to experience the special carnage that is Killing Floor. We’re floored (no pun intended) by that many new fans over 5 years after Early Access launch, which brings the total to nearly 30 million people who own a Killing Floor game over the years of the franchise...

Killing Floor 2 Christmas Crackdown is Live!

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Christmas Crackdown
  • Happy holidays to all the mercs! We are happy to present the Christmas Crackdown seasonal update! Welcome to Elysium, a Limbo realm where souls of deceased Zeds won’t even let you rest in peace. Consider traveling to its different regions and discover the secret areas to fully clean this sacred place out of Zeds. Feel that you are not prepared enough? Don’t worry, the Horzine Research Group brings an anticipated gift for the well-behaved mercs: the HRG Vampire, a perfect tool to make a bloody fest with the wounds of those annoying Zeds. Have fun, be good, and enjoy the Crackdown!

New Additions and Highlights
  • 1 New Community Map
    • Elysium
      • Compatible with Survival, Weekly, and Endless Game Modes.
      • The killing doesn't stop even in the afterlife. Fight the souls of deceased Zeds in...

PSA: Xbox Multiplayer/ Matching Issues Solved

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  • 29
Hello Mercs,
We are aware of an issue Xbox players are experiencing preventing them from creating online lobbies or matchmake into Killing Floor 2 matches. We are working with our partners to identify a cause and resolution.

This thread will be used to communicate updates in the situation as we move forward.
Thank you for your patience.

Monday Morning Update:
The investigation is ongoing. Sadly no new information is available to pass along. Part of this investigation requires the help of external partners who had the holiday and weekend off, which has slowed down our ability to diagnose what is happening here.

We expect more progress to be made today as those partners should be back in office.

Monday evening update:
The cause of the issue has been found we believe and users should now be able to find matches again.

Maneater is Now Fully Evolved, w/ Next-Gen Upgrade

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Out now on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment systems, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC (via the Epic Games Store)—and very soon for the PlayStation®5—Maneater invites players to experience the ultimate power fantasy by controlling the apex predator of the seas—a terrifying shark!

Maneater is a single player, open-world action-RPG (ShARkPG) where YOU are the shark. Starting as a small bull shark pup you are tasked with surviving the harsh world while eating your way up the ecosystem. To do this, you will explore a large and varied open world encountering diverse enemies -- both human and...

Merc Report - Entering The Ethereal Void

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Those portals you’ve been chasing have lead to somewhere... well we would say out of this world but that isn’t the whole story.

The Horzine Research Group team has been sending probe drones into these portals as they’ve popped up and the data received has shown what appears to be an “eternal ethereal void” but the images we’ve managed to get back show more. Take a look.

We’ve spotted swampland, a desert, a bloody castle and more! And you guessed it, we’re sending you in.

We aren’t quite sure about the what, when, where or anything else about this realm. But something we haven’t mentioned yet... Something over there is reaching out (and we aren’t talking about the zeds and the portals, see if you can’t find something on that and see if one of the “good” doctors has gotten into now) and attempting to...

Maneater Hotfix is Swimming Your Way Today!

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This update is currently
Epic Game Store: Soon
PlayStation 4: Live (Build 1.06)
Xbox 1: Live (

Hey Sharks!

We hope the waters have been treating you well. We have the following items included in this hotfix which covers all platforms.
  • Improvements have been made to the overall game stability. The fast travel system is now far more robust and this has fixed some related crashes.
  • Improvements have been made to the data system. These improvements mean players should be far less likely to lose save data. However, this does not include retroactive fixes for already broken save files

As always, we thank you for your continued support!

Merc Report - Bloody Fangs

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The weapons development teams here at Horzine have one dream that they share with the world with all of their latest creations: Making sure none can question the effectiveness or bloodiness of their “fine” work. With that in mind, we have two new “lovelies” (their words) to show you.

Did we mention blood? You want to see more of it? You want to weaponize it? Congratulations Medics we may just have the weapon for you! We are stroker’d to introduce you to the HRG Vampire.

Designed to actively suck the life force (blood) out of your targets, the Vampire operator can choose to either project it downrange as a coagulated ball to hurt enemies and heal friends, or keep the carnage going by shooting it as a powerful crystalized blood spike.

Now the other project, from what we understand, was driven by a mad night of binging the latest RPG action games and watching The Techno Viking...

Merc Report - Controlling Field Conditions

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Hey Mercs!

With All Hallows Eve quickly approaching and mercs such as yourselves busy in the field dealing with the seasonal horrors, work has been underway towards the next, more merry, update. Of course that means we are getting ready to stuff your stockings full of some Quality of Life improvement cheer!

Scene: You are in the thick of combat with your trusty weapon which features an underslung grenade launcher. But you pause a moment, thinking to yourself “is it loaded?”. Worry no more as the HUD will now indicate the status of these weapons (such as the M16 with M203).

Next up is one for the Survivalists. Get ready to keep those Zeds at bay with a passive weapons swap speed boost, so you can more quickly bring new arms to bear and thus more rounds down range!

For Mercs that play with a controller, we’ve got something big. We’ve been reworking how the aiming system works to add in the...

October Community Survey

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Help us help you! The team is looking for feedback on the latest update, and you can help us improve by taking a few moments to fill out the KF 2 October Community Survey

PSA: The Tripwire Item Exchange Service Is Currently Down

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UPDATE: The service should be back online.

We are investigating and hope to bring it back up as quickly as possible. While this is down:
  • Players will not be able to exchange items, such as opening crates.
  • Any missed rewards during this period should be granted once the server comes back.

You can check to see if the service is still down by the connection icon on the main menu.

Killing Floor 2 Halloween Update 2X XP, 4X Drop and MEGA Sale!

Killing Floor 2 Fall Update: Infernal Insurrection Is Here!

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Infernal Insurrection
  • Terror in the streets of London, an invasion has commenced in the bowels of King's Cross Station! An Infernal Insurrection emerges from the underground, and lots of horrific creatures are starting to spread. Break into Hellmark Station, the very origin of the chaos, and face whatever force you encounter there, perhaps you may find a way to use their power against them. But we have some good news, we offer you some new tools for facing those horrific creatures, the HRG Scorcher and the HRG Arc Generator. Burn, electrocute, or just slay the enemies as you prefer, but be sure you clean the station out of demons!
  • Event End date: November 10th

New Additions and Highlights
  • 1 New Map

    • Hellmark Station
      • Compatible with Survival, Weekly and Endless Game Modes...

Maneater Evolves with Next-Gen Enhancements! FAQ

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  • 13
Ray-tracing, 4k @ 60FPS, and more on Xbox Series X, Series S, and PS5!

Fully evolved for the next generation of console systems, Maneater will support Ray-Tracing, native 4K HDR at 60 FPS, and new lighting effects that will bring the underwater world of Maneater to life like only the next generation consoles can. Xbox Series S owners will also benefit from increased graphical fidelity and frame rate. The PC version of Maneater will also be getting next-gen updates in early 2021 and more information on those enhancements will be coming in the next few months.

Players who currently own Maneater on
Xbox One or the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system can also look forward to a free, full...

Killing Floor 2 Double XP Week Is Here

Merc Report - M&Ms

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After extensive and continued study of bloat bile, the lab coats have managed to re-weaponize it in the form of proximity mine deployable via a Medic launcher device (they tell us you don’t want to be too close, just in case something goes wrong, but also assure us that there are beneficial properties for your team).

May we introduce you to the latest in Horzine medtech research. They call it the Mine Reconstructor. In the field, it can be charged up to deploy mines of different sizes which will increase the damage, radius, and healing properties (And don’t forget you can manually detonate for your teammates who may be down range). Get ready to belch some rounds downrange! You will of course understand that the source of the grenade material is classified.

While the Medics are laying a trap, someone needs to cover the backwards advance to safety, and go full Commando. This one is pretty simple, the...

Merc Report - Shock and Firewall

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Hello Mercs,

The lab coats have been at it again so we are happy to share some information about new Horzine Research Group (HRG) experiments we feel you’ll enjoy bringing into the field.

First up, the HRG Scorcher. The team has modified this baby to shoot flares out downrange with significant impact and a lingering burn. Other pros? Your target (or that wall you hit because you missed your target...) will keep everything around it lit up for easy target acquisition by you and your team!

Now for those looking for something a little more indirect you can try out the alt-fire which will have the flare break up in flight leaving a line of ground fire between you and the target. So get out there Firebugs, and blaze a trail!

The last thing the team has been working on comes from observing your fights with the Matriarch in the field and the weapons she has brought to bear against you. The lab coats weren’t about to...

Merc Report - All Aboard

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It’s getting to be that time of year where the strange, weird, mysterious, and lets just through this out there, downright demonic seem to pop up... even more so than usual given your line of work.

Some of our surveillance drones around London have picked up just such an event, so we are sending you in to figure out what's happening, and more importantly, shut it down. The surveillance has picked up a cry from the streets close to some of your old haunts. Specifically the rail station formerly known as Kings Cross.

You won’t find any kids waving sticks at you on this visit, nor friendly pet shop boys waiting to sell you goods around the concourse. Things have taken a decidedly more hellish mark. And whatever world these portals lead you to, we want nothing to do with. But perhaps you can make use of some of the strangeness you will find yourself around for extra power... just remember, these sorts of...