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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam


Talvisota: Winter War Mod Launches on Steam Today

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Talvisota: Winter War arrives as a fresh and frozen way for fans to play, launching with full voice acting support, six brand new weapons, four vehicles, eleven new maps, skiers, and more. Other additions for the Talvisota: Winter War mod include new music, historically accurate customization options, and new commander abilities. For a full list of new additions, please visit the Steam Store page here:


Developed entirely by the community, under the banner of the “Talvisota Team,” Talvisota: Winter War is a mod that Tripwire Interactive is delighted to support, allowing them to support the modding community and grassroots game development that helped Tripwire Interactive’s founding members get their start in the industry. To celebrate the release of the free Talvisota: Winter War mod, Tripwire Interactive has kicked off a sale on Steam for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (67%...

Green Army Men Update 1.2 - Thanksgiving

  • 3,225
  • 2

General changes:
  • Added four new plastic weapons
  • Added a new map : GMTE-Thanksgiving2019
  • Various small adjustments

Detailed changes:

Added FOUR new weapons for both factions:

    • 60mm Rocket Launcher for the Grenadier role.
Shoulder-Fired launcher capable of delivering high-explosive missiles at high speeds.

Very destructive, but the size of the weapon leaves little space for spare munitions.

    • 7.62 Semi-Automatic Rifle for the Sniper role.
Semi-automatic precision weapon intended for medium range engagements.

Sports greatly increased magazine size compared to other alternatives.

    • 40mm Grenade Launcher for the Grenadier role.
Cut down variant...

Rising Storm 2: State Of The Game September 2019

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  • 53
As you are most likely aware, Antimatter Games, who did the majority of development work on Rising Storm 2: Vietnam have been acquired by Toadman and announced they are working exclusively on a new title of their own. As such, they are no longer actively developing RS 2. While we work on the longer-term implications of that, there are a number of issues we are aware of and are actively working to fix for you in the coming weeks, including but not limited to:
  • Whitelist updates for new mods/mutators
  • Servers intermittently going deranked
  • “Black screen” during Campaign Mode under certain circumstances
More on this over the next few weeks. And as always, thank you for being fans of the Red Orchestra and Rising Storm franchise.

Green Army Men Update 1.1 - Back To School

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  • 0
The 1.1 patch adds six new weapons and a brand new map to the Green Army Men DLC

General changes :
  • Various adjustments to weapon balance
  • Added six new plastic weapons
  • Added a new map : GMTE-Sandbox2019
Detailed changes :

Weapon balance adjustments :
  • Adjustments to ironsight magnification amount across all weapons.
Short range weapons now share the same reduced magnification when aiming down the sights. Rifles, Machine Guns and precision weapons retain higher magnification.
    • Slightly decreased base accuracy
    • Moved sights closer to player view
    • Slightly reduced muzzle climb
    • Increased base damage for 00 Buckshot and No4 Buckshot
    • Greatly reduced pellet spread on Trench and StakeOut variants
  • SMG
    • Improved reload speed
    • Increased accuracy while firing from the hip
  • GRENADE...