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Introducing The Plushies!

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Thanks to our partners at Symbiote Studios, we now have Maneater and Killing Floor plushies for you to bring into your home! Find them at the Symbiote Store today!

And remember you can find other wearables, mugs and stickers at the Design by Human merch store!

TW Merch Store Part 2 - Hats

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Based on user feedback we've tried to make the fact that there are non shirt products and other readability issues more clear by switching to a very basic theme and making the product tab on the upper left start unfolded.

We are now also looking to start adding some other new merch - Hats! We are looking to start with a smaller subset and I'm currently thinking perk logo hats. Name a more iconic duo than Medic and Zerker!

Vote for your top 2 favorite perk logo hats you would enjoy, or if you feel another design would work better let me know here in this thread!

To check out the current gear either follow the nav link on the left here in the forums on this link:

Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack coming to Vinyl

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Our partner Debug Records has been working with us to bring the soundtrack to KF2 on vinyl. After lots of work, that is almost a reality! You'll be able to buy the soundtrack to KF2 on vinyl (with an included digital download code) on October 31st! This 2xLP set is pressed on transparent vinyl with a red blob center, a colorway we refer to as "Blood Puddle". Let them know if you've got any questions about the release and they will be glad to answer them!

Tripwire Interactive Merch Store - Soft Launch

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Hello everyone,

We've just unlocked our revised and updated merch store with our new merch store partner Design By Humans. You can find the store by following the link in the sidebar to the left, this redirect, or directly here. Let us know your favorite design so far in the poll, and be sure to let us know what other types of designs you would like to see.

Currently we have a selection of Killing Floor 2 and Maneater styles, but are brainstorming some ideas for our Red Orchestra/Rising Storm franchise.

Pick up something today for you, and think about your friends this upcoming holiday season!