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Hotfix Work In Progress Patch Notes

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June 5th Update: This update has begun deployment: https://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/index.php?threads/maneater-hotfix-is-live.2336010/

June 3rd Update: As I mentioned yesterday, we had to restart the process due to issues found in the last build. Due to this happening we also took the chance to incorporate some additional fixes that were waiting on a future update. The patch notes have been updated to reflect these additions.

June 2 UPDATE: During the testing of the build, issues popped up around the save system, which has required more work and additional testing to be done. We are currently aiming to have a new Relesase Candidate (what we would upload to the platforms) in test by later today or early tomorrow with a goal of getting this update out later this week still.

Hey sharks,

We look like we have the following items addressed in the upcoming hotfix, currently targeted for a release next week (the week of June 1st). Due to the...

Bay Bulletin - Hotfix Underway

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Hey Sharks!

First of all, we want to thank all of you fin-atics for diving into the world of Maneater. We have been thrilled to see so many of you experience what we’ve created, and yes we hear you, many of you want more to bite on! Don’t worry, we are prototyping, and reading your suggestions on what sorts of DLC (or Downloadable Chum) we can send you via the waves of the internet and will be discussing those plans in the future.

That said, we know some of you are running into choppy waters, and want to assure you that we are working hard to address these issues as fast as we can. Currently our top priorities are the following items:
  • Save game loss/corruption and progression issues
  • Performance and crashes issues

And we are aiming to get an update out next week for PC, PS4 and Xbox One (updates may have some platform dependent timings) to address a majority of these. To help keep some of these issues from impacting you if you do find yourself...

Maneater Known Issues PSA

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Hey everyone,

We are so excited to see so many of you splashing around the gulf in Maneater, but we are aware some of you are being impacted by some issues which we know is not ideal. We want to let you know we are digging into these reports and the following is a non exhaustive list of top issues we are tracking and working on fixes for as soon as we can.

  • Player camera gets stuck in the shark
    • There is a rare case where the player camera can get stuck in the shark after a cut scene. To work around, players need to quit to main menu and reload the save to clear this issue until a full fix has been released.
  • Progress Loss/Save Game Issues
    • We are continuing to investigate this issue, but so far attempts to replicate it internally to find the cause have failed. We are looking for any and all player information about what could trigger this to happen.
  • Achievements not be awarded after Hotfix 2
    • We...

Maneater Day 0 Update

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PS4 Build 1.03
Xbox Build

  • Fixed several Landmarks not properly unlocking
  • Fixed a rare case where the save file would be deleted on the PS4
  • Fixed an AI issue where predators would stop chasing players with extended play time
  • Found and fixed several causes of crashes
  • Added Focus Threat ability

  • Adjusted camera distance to shark for pup and teen
  • Adjusted Bounty Hunter movement and targeting
  • Added more details to the evolution upgrade menu
  • Adjusted mix of game audio
  • Tuned suspicion for humans on civilian boats
  • Added more detail to some quest descriptions
  • Added Game Tips to the right side of screen
  • Added option in menu to disable and reset Game Hints.
  • Reduced number of center screen pop ups for the tutorial by changing some to Game Tips.
  • Added a bigger celebration UI for obtaining an evolution
  • Added a bigger celebration for shark level up
  • Added post game stats screen...

Maneater Launch Trailer Released

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Enjoy as you wait for the game to coming out in just a few days!

Maneater Dev Diary 4 Is Here Via ShackNews!

Maneater and Chivalry 2 Bringing Big Battles by Land and Sea to PAX EAST 2020

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ROSWELL, Ga. – Feb. 21, 2020 – Independent developer and publisher Tripwire Interactive and developer Torn Banner Studios are set to unleash a tidal wave of big battles by both land and sea with the first-ever public hands-on demos for Maneater, the action-RPG where you play as a shark, and Chivalry 2, the ultimate medieval battlefield. All this and more will be happening at PAX East 2020! Be sure to visit the Tripwire Interactive booth #18011 at the Boston Convention Center throughout the show, from Thurs., Feb. 27 through Sun., Mar. 1.

In addition to public demos, photo opportunities, swag, and the chance to meet the developers, Tripwire Interactive is also excited to announce a new partnership with Intel© Corporation for Chivalry 2, which means the game will support the latest Intel© Core™ processor and platform technologies at launch! To...

Chivalry 2 Previews and Lore Trailer

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Last week we invited the press out to get a first hands on look at Chivalry 2 and Maneater. Check out those previews now by following the links below!

Maneater Press Previews and Dev Diary 3

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Last week we held a small event where members of the press got their first hands on with our upcoming titles Chivalry 2 and Maneater! Check them out (along with the latest dev diary) in the links below!

Release date and platform announcements for Maneater!

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We are thrilled to announce, Maneater is scheduled to launch on May 22, 2020 for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, and PC (via the Epic Games Store), with plans to launch later in 2020 on Nintendo Switch ™.

Gamespot has the next Maneater Dev Diary up!