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Update 1.5.4 Is Being Deployed!

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Happy Wednesday Grunts,

These are the notes for Hotfix 1.5.4 for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Thanks again for everyone who has downloaded the game. We’re happy to say that you’ve been breaking records for player numbers over the last couple of weeks!

This Hotfix took a little longer, courtesy of the QA required around some of the performance issues, as these were related to how player stats were being handled on EGS. Players should now see far less hitching when players join servers, for example, as well as other performance improvements.

We also have the SDK working for the mappers/modders out there, as well as the first round of some QoL fixing to the whitelisting system. The missing Green Army Men maps are back where they should be and a number of other issues (see the Changelog for details) have been addressed. And some fixes for Vivox VoiP issues.

From here, we will review any outstanding issues from the EGS implementation, including lingering VoiP issues and move on to some...

Merc Report - Bloody Fangs

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The weapons development teams here at Horzine have one dream that they share with the world with all of their latest creations: Making sure none can question the effectiveness or bloodiness of their “fine” work. With that in mind, we have two new “lovelies” (their words) to show you.

Did we mention blood? You want to see more of it? You want to weaponize it? Congratulations Medics we may just have the weapon for you! We are stroker’d to introduce you to the HRG Vampire.

Designed to actively suck the life force (blood) out of your targets, the Vampire operator can choose to either project it downrange as a coagulated ball to hurt enemies and heal friends, or keep the carnage going by shooting it as a powerful crystalized blood spike.

Now the other project, from what we understand, was driven by a mad night of binging the latest RPG action games and watching The Techno Viking...

The Road To Update 1.5.4

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We had hoped to get hotfix 1.5.4 out to you this week, but it has become clear that the release of this update will most likely be next week so we have time to include all the fixes (some of which are complex changes) we are planning for and they are given an appropriate QA testing period before deployment.

These include the following (Work In Progress - keep in mind items on this list are subject to change) changelog items:
  • SDK
    • Working SDK for modders/mappers
  • Server
    • Reduced hitch caused by players joining larger population servers
    • Renabled missing config option to reduce max connections allowed
  • General
    • Fixed Player filters and mic settings not correctly saving
    • Fixed players lifetime class stats not being recorded
    • Added persistent authorization for Steam/EGS account linking
  • Green Army Men
    • Added 2 missing maps from launch
      • Sandbox
      • Thanksgiving

Merc Report - Controlling Field Conditions

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Hey Mercs!

With All Hallows Eve quickly approaching and mercs such as yourselves busy in the field dealing with the seasonal horrors, work has been underway towards the next, more merry, update. Of course that means we are getting ready to stuff your stockings full of some Quality of Life improvement cheer!

Scene: You are in the thick of combat with your trusty weapon which features an underslung grenade launcher. But you pause a moment, thinking to yourself “is it loaded?”. Worry no more as the HUD will now indicate the status of these weapons (such as the M16 with M203).

Next up is one for the Survivalists. Get ready to keep those Zeds at bay with a passive weapons swap speed boost, so you can more quickly bring new arms to bear and thus more rounds down range!

For Mercs that play with a controller, we’ve got something big. We’ve been reworking how the aiming system works to add in the...

Update 1.5.3 is being Deployed

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Hello everyone,

With the release of Hotfix 1.5.3, after the release of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam on the Epic Game Store, we first want to say thanks to everyone who has downloaded and played the game - as well as the extra players jumping (back) in from the Steam side.

We are rolling out this first Hotfix to deal with those issues we can handle quickly, including some backend issues causing servers to drop off the server browser and some performance improvements behind that, causing issues with joining games. The full change log is below.

Following on from this, Saber (who have been doing all the work to bring Vietnam to EGS) will be working on the next Hotfix, which will focus on the more complex performance issues and the SDK. Because this is more complex, the coding and QA will be more complex, pushing Hotfix 2 to later next week.

Once those issues are squared away, we are working with some “old friends” from the original development team to bring a further round of fixes and...

Update 1.5.2 Is Being Deployed

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This is the second of several expected hotfixes for Update 1.5. This update addresses the remaining unprotected commands that were found in the 1.5.1 update that kept it from being a full proper shipping build. The team is working towards another hotfix in the coming days to address other player encountered issues that have been reported.

Thank you for your patience.

  • Client and Server files are now live

Update 1.5.1 Is Being Deployed

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This is the first of several expected hotfixes for Update 1.5. This update is a proper shipping build for clients and servers, not a debug build which accidentally shipped yesterday. The current plan includes another build tomorrow to fix several issues that were found in the testing of this build, and another hotfix in the coming days to address other player encountered issues that have been reported.

Thank you for your patience. Client and Server files for this update are now live.

PSA: Update 1.5 Launch Issues

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We are aware of the update 1.5 issues players are experiencing and are working to quickly resolve them. We are expecting to ship an update in the next 24 hours to address the debug build that was deployed to players instead of the shipping build. This will improve performance and provide players with the expected gameplay experience.

Further issues will be addressed in a subsequent hotfix. We apologize for this mixup and we look forward to seeing all the new and returning boots on the ground once this is resolved.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Steam/EGS 1.5 Update Changelog

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New Additions and Highlights

  • Epic Online Services (EOS) integrated into dedicated server framework to enable Cross-Play capability between Steam and EGS players
  • New In-Game Invite UI system that will enable Steam users to link an associated EGS account you own so that they can send their EGS friends invites to parties and server lobbies. inviteui.jpg
  • Replaced VOIP services for in-game chat to Vivox in order to enable Steam-EGS cross-platform VOIP within multiplayer matches and lobbies.
Known Bugs and Issues

  • In server Green Army Men upgrade on the EGS client is redirecting to the Steam store
  • Steam SDK has the opportunity to fail to load properly on launch.
  • There is a case where servers can fail to become ranked
  • No new mods have been whitelisted as part of this update
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the HMG’s could fail to properly spawn
  • Fixed an issue where valid ranked servers could switch to...

Tripwire Interactive Community Report (TICR) October 2020 Edition

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Welcome to the new and improved Tripwire Interactive Community Report, also known as 'The TICR' for short. Keep watching for updates about Killing Floor 2, Maneater, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Espire 1: VR Operative, and Chivalry 2. Then stick around for a fan Q&A segment with Tripwire's own Alan Wilson and David Amata! Click below to skip ahead to the news you want to hear!
  • Killing Floor 2 - 00:30
  • Maneater - 1:44
  • Rising Storm 2: Vietnam - 2:50
  • Espire 1: VR Operative - 3:34
  • Chivalry 2 - 3:47
  • Q&A w/ Alan Wilson - 4:11
  • Q&A w/ David Amata -...

October Community Survey

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Help us help you! The team is looking for feedback on the latest update, and you can help us improve by taking a few moments to fill out the KF 2 October Community Survey

PSA: The Tripwire Item Exchange Service Is Currently Down

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UPDATE: The service should be back online.

We are investigating and hope to bring it back up as quickly as possible. While this is down:
  • Players will not be able to exchange items, such as opening crates.
  • Any missed rewards during this period should be granted once the server comes back.

You can check to see if the service is still down by the connection icon on the main menu.

Killing Floor 2 Halloween Update 2X XP, 4X Drop and MEGA Sale!

Killing Floor 2 Fall Update: Infernal Insurrection Is Here!

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Infernal Insurrection
  • Terror in the streets of London, an invasion has commenced in the bowels of King's Cross Station! An Infernal Insurrection emerges from the underground, and lots of horrific creatures are starting to spread. Break into Hellmark Station, the very origin of the chaos, and face whatever force you encounter there, perhaps you may find a way to use their power against them. But we have some good news, we offer you some new tools for facing those horrific creatures, the HRG Scorcher and the HRG Arc Generator. Burn, electrocute, or just slay the enemies as you prefer, but be sure you clean the station out of demons!
  • Event End date: November 10th

New Additions and Highlights
  • 1 New Map

    • Hellmark Station
      • Compatible with Survival, Weekly and Endless Game Modes...

An Update Regarding Maneater for Nintendo Switch

PlayStation Blog: The long train ride to Hellmark Station An exclusive in-depth look at the new map arriving September 29

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Maneater Evolves with Next-Gen Enhancements!

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Ray-tracing, 4k @ 60FPS, and more on Xbox Series X, Series S, and PS5!

Fully evolved for the next generation of console systems, Maneater will support Ray-Tracing, native 4K HDR at 60 FPS, and new lighting effects that will bring the underwater world of Maneater to life like only the next generation consoles can. Xbox Series S owners will also benefit from increased graphical fidelity and frame rate. The PC version of Maneater will also be getting next-gen updates in early 2021 and more information on those enhancements will be coming in the next few months.

Players who currently own Maneater on
Xbox One or the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system can also look forward to a...

Killing Floor 2 Double XP Week Is Here

Killing Floor 2 Fall 2020 Update Beta 2: Steam/EGS Build 1104

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To opt into this beta on Steam, join the "preview" branch available in the Beta drop down list. Admins will need to use the following SteamCMD flag:
  • app_update 232130 -beta preview

To opt into this beta on EGS, the Beta will be accessible within KF2 owners’ game libraries as a separate install called “Killing Floor 2 Beta”. Users may need to restart their EGS launcher for the Beta to populate and be accessible to install. Progress for stats and inventory are shared between both versions on EGS so for users switching between Beta and Live be sure to sync your game data to use the latest timestamp to prevent any lost progress from participating in the Beta. The Beta on EGS also includes its own dedicated server within the install for your own personal hosting needs for this version.

Infernal Insurrection
  • Terror in the streets of London, an invasion has commenced in the bowels of King's Cross Station! An Infernal Insurrection emerges from...

Espire Update 1.6 Hotfix 2

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Espire 1: VR Operative v1.6 Hotfix #2
Attention Espire Agents! We’ve pushed a 2nd hotfix for Espire 1: v1.6 “Assimilation Update”. This hotfix includes text localization for the new content that was added in the 1.6 Assimilation update. We have also pushed a number of fixes for bugs reported by the Espire community on our discord, social media and forums.

For PSVR users, please note that the PSVR version of this hotfix is landing in the coming weeks, including additional PSVR-specific updates.

Build Access
STEAM VERSION: Version 1.6.287
RIFT VERSION: Version 1.6.288
QUEST VERSION: Version 1.6.289
PSVR VERSION: The PSVR version of this hotfix is landing in the coming weeks, including additional PSVR-specific updates.


Espire 1: VR Operative v1.6 Hotfix #2

Attention Espire Agents! We’ve pushed a 2nd hotfix for Espire 1: v1.6 “Assimilation Update”. This hotfix includes text localization for the...