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  3. This one should be pretty obvious...
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Vietnam 1.01 Patch Due Next Week

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  • Vietnam 1.01 Patch Due Next Week

    We are excited to announce the first update for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, patch 1.01, will be released on June 20th, next week! This patch is a Quality of Life update intended to make your game playing experience even better. Our thanks to many of you who have helped (and continue to help) track down and report issues to us.

    The Work In Progress changelog is below (please keep in mind that this could change before release). For more information on what is coming in the future, check out the Roadmap on Trello, here:

    General Changes & Updates
    • Changed the way tiebreakers work on Territory mode - now the team which captures the most points will win in a tiebreaker situation, not the team with more points.
    • Made it vastly easier to pick up dropped weapons
    • Now by default, sprinting from prone will no longer return the player back to the prone stance when the player stops sprinting. You can change this setting in the gameplay options
    • Various tweaks to various weapons’ collision, correcting the distance to walls at which certain weapons ‘lower’
    • Reduced player movement speed while climbing ladders
    • Reduced friendly fire penalties for commanders
    • Increased the default pre-round delay from 10 seconds to 30. FYI, this will reset all servers to this new default time.
    • Various tweaks to the order in which some items are listed in the inventory
    • Tweaks to mouse sensitivity when using iron sights after adjusting slider values in settings

    • Removed one specific tree from the landing zone in An Lao Valley, per a request from reddit user SprayAndPlay. We agree with you, sir!
    • Added more solid cover to Objective A on Cu Chi
    • Improved the lighting inside Objective B on Compound
    • Extended artillery protection zones to cover the entirety of the US spawns on Hill 937

    • Added a red tunnel preview mesh which displays during the cooldown following the destruction of a spawn tunnel
    • Improved the mesh for destroyed squad tunnel. Destroyed tunnels will very much look destroyed now
    • Improved the animations when sprinting with grenades to avoid ‘foot sliding’
    • Improved the third person animations for sprinting uphill with a sniper rifle equipped
    • Improved the saturation and readability of the overhead maps
    • Added an idle pose to the SVD when the magazine is empty, preventing the bolt handle from sliding forward incorrectly
    • Bullet decals now stay on objects and surfaces on all maps for longer across all graphics settings

    • The ‘After Action Report’ has been modified to show separate round end and match end slates. This makes it less confusing on which team exactly won
    • Enlarged the ‘Change Camera’ text on the spectator view

    • Updated the AK single fire sound to more closely match the full auto fire mode
    • Updated the sound of the Bird Dog recon plane
    • Improved the attenuation of grenade bounce sounds

    Player Vote Kick System
    • Vote kicking is now default to Team-Only. This means that by default, servers will allow vote kicks only for members of your own team

    Bug Fixes
    • The game client will no longer crash when shooting Cobra rockets at a manned Dshk
    • Fixed several crashes that would occur on game start
    • Fixed ‘Garbage Collection’ crashes on server travel. This will solve the majority of crashes at map change for all players. As always, please be sure to continue to report crashes as they occur. Please also include your email address in the bugsplat report along with as much detail as to what you were doing right before the crash occurred

    • Fixed the ‘Sprint-Fire’ exploit/bug
    • Fixed an exploit where enemies could use DShKs inside spawn protection
    • Fixed an issue where the Spooky Gunship damage zone could appear desynchronised from where it appeared to be firing
    • Fixed an issue where U.S. players would sometimes be unable to spawn on Squad Leader
    • Fixed an issue where shotguns would fire ‘low and to the left’ of their intended target
    • Fixed an issue where following team swap players would miss initial spawn
    • Fixed an issue where players could throw grenades from ladders
    • Fixed an issue where the screen would be permanently red if players left the combat area and then returned back to play
    • Fixed an issue where the game would hitch momentarily as a player died
    • Fixed an issue which caused Napalm canisters to occasionally land off-target
    • Fixed various issues with the role voting system not removing players from the role, or being blocked from re-selecting a role at their death
    • Fixed an issue where following team swap, there would be a delay before the next round would begin
    • Fixed a bug prevented the ‘Vehicle’ VOIP channel from working
    • Fixed grenade animations being skipped when players are prone
    • Fixed an issue where M79 smoke grenades’ smoke would pass through walls/terrain
    • Fixed an issue where players could fire the Mosin Nagant before the reload animation ends
    • Fixed an issue where commanders would receive assist points for Loach Spotting rather than the Loach pilot
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘constructing tunnel’ animation could be interrupted and then restarted, resulting in multiple tunnel meshes being displayed
    • Fixed an issue which prevented players from using the scroll wheel on the Huey Door M60 to switch between positions
    • Fixed an issue where dying with an attempt to leave a helicopter would leave players with a completely dark screen until bringing up the escape menu
    • Fixed an issue where the RDG1 smoke grenade appeared in the Equipment inventory group rather than the grenade group
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘Daisy Chain’ achievement would not unlock
    • Fixed an issue where the XM21’s bayonet would not count towards the ‘5 Bayonet Kills’ achievement
    • Fixed an issue which caused the ‘Oh Baby, A Double’, achievement, to unlock under incorrect conditions
    • Fixed an issue where the achievement ‘Help Is On The Way’ would not unlock if players were in the spawn queue on Skirmish
    • Fixed an issue where squad leaders who were also playing as Marksmen would receive an extra set of binoculars
    • Fixed an issue where ammo checking with manual bolting would cycle a round in code, but not in animation

    • Fixed an exploit on Hue City where NLF players could shoot into US spawn from a rooftop west of Objective C
    • Fixed an exploit on Cu Chi where players could get onto an unintended rooftop and snipe players approaching Objective C
    • Fixed an exploit on Song Be where players at objective B could crouch through a tunnel wall and shoot players
    • Fixed a rooftop on Hue City which had no collision, allowing players inside the model. This also fixed a number of exploitable rooftops across the map.
    • Fixed collision on the outer wall of Objective F on Hue City to prevent exploits
    • Fixed an exploit on Hue City where the player could mantle onto unintended rooftops in the shanty town around Objective C
    • Fixed an exploit on Hue City where players could get into unintended areas in the stairwell of Objective B
    • Fixed an exploit on Hue where players could prone under the citadel walls and see enemies crossing the moat
    • Fixed the issue with Cu Chi where the U.S. failing to capture F in the first round of a match could break the map for subsequent rounds
    • Fixed various snags, stuck locations and collision issues across all maps. This will provide for a smoother and streamlined experience
    • Fixed an issue where smoke effects would appear transparent on Hill 937 when viewed from certain directions
    • Fixed an area of the tunnels under Cu Chi which players could stand under Objective D and capture the point
    • Fixed various areas where players could see through the map in the tunnels under Hue City
    • Fixed an issue where NVA players could mark artillery on US spawn after Objective B had been taken
    • Fixed an issue where players would teleport/mantle across the map when vaulting over walls on various maps
    • Fixed various clipping and floating art issues across all maps
    • Fixed various small holes and seams across all maps
    • Fixed an issue where a door on Hue had no collision and allowed players into unintended areas
    • Fixed an issue on An Lao Valley where some mountains would not fully destroy helicopters on collision
    • Added collision to a bush near objective C on Cu Chi inside which players could hide
    • Fixed an issue on Hue City where players could mantle onto an unintended rooftop across from Objective A
    • Fixed an issue where the US could lose artillery protection for their spawn area when attacking objectives D and E on Cu Chi
    • Fixed overly dark tunnel lighting and odd shadows in the Cu Chi tunnels
    • Fixed an issue on Cu Chi where trenches would cull out too early and players could see through the map
    • Fixed an area on Cu Chi where players could see under the map under the steps of Objective C
    • Fixed an area of Compound where players could crawl through a gutter and fall out of the map
    • Fixed an area where players could fall through out of the map in US spawn on Hue City
    • Prevented players from being able to reach the low poly houses to the far-South of the play area on Song Be
    • Players can no longer walk on barbed wire South of Objective G on Song Be
    • Players can no longer clip through the roof of the destroyed house in Objective G on Song Be
    • Candles now properly illuminate the dark room at U.S. spawn on Song Be
    • Fixed a pit on Hill 937 into which players could fall and become stuck
    • Fixed an issue with Territories mode on Compound where the U.S. team could fire into NLF spawn at Objective A
    • Made it easier to access the radio in Objective G on Cu Chi
    • Fixed a blocking volume that prevented free movement in a hut in Objective A of Hill 937
    • Removed an unlit poster hanging in an underground room on Hill 937
    • Fixed the ‘screen dimming’ error, present on Hue City in the tunnels near C
    • Fixed an issue where players could see the underside of a rock face in the Northern valley of Song Be
    • Fixed a small terrain mesh with no collision at Objective B on Song Be
    • Fixed several instances of floating/clipping/incorrectly placed grass on Song Be
    • Fixed the overly dark/floating grass in some areas of An Lao Valley
    • Moved a dresser which was clipping through an open door on Cu Chi

    • Players manning the DShK will no longer appear as if they are missing geometry
    • Bullets now correctly penetrate bamboo fences
    • Bullets now properly penetrate the chain link fence on Song Be at Objective G
    • Modified the collision on the ramp out of the tunnels on Hue at Objective C to prevent players from being snagged or stopped at the tunnel mouth
    • Fixed the stretching issue present on the hands/arms of corpses
    • Fixed various instanced of ‘light bleeding’ which caused rocks to appear white where they intersected with the ground on An Lao Valley
    • Fixed an issue where characters’ feet could sometimes behave strangely when operating the DShK on Cu Chi and An Lao Valley
    • Fixed an issue where the M79’s sight floated above the gun model during reload when viewed at range
    • Corrected the collision length for the Mosin Nagant from 1 meter to the correct length of 1.23 meters
    • Fixed an issue where various 3rd person player attachments would cause incorrect character lighting in some areas
    • Fixed an issue where the smoke trail behind a crashing cobra would pop away rather than fade out
    • Fixed an issue where pressing RMB would interrupt machine gun reloads and allow players to move around/glitch the animation
    • Fixed an issue where the player’s arms would clip with the camera when using the RPD
    • Fixed a bug where the spawn tunnel preview mesh would become locked in position when players began charging with the pick mattock
    • Fixed an issue where the Cobra’s FFAR rockets would not display smoke trails correctly
    • Fixed an issue where the DShK’s shells would bounce back and forth towards the muzzle of the weapon when ejected
    • Added a glow effect to the drainpipe that NLF players can climb to reach the roof of Objective A on Cu Chi
    • Fixed an issue where characters would not perform the throwing animation for grenades when prone and leaning to the right
    • Fixed some trees on An Lao Valley missing collision

    • Potential fix put in place for static images appearing on the sniper scope rather than the rendered scene. Please report any further instances, with as much detail as possible, if this you still have this occur. You can report your bug at: under the Rising Storm 2: Vietnam section

    • Fixed an issue where the ‘Friends’ tab of the server browser would not list servers
    • Fixed killfeed options ‘Only Own Kills’ and ‘Only Squad Kills’ not working
    • Fixed an issue where the Commander ‘Star’ icon could become stuck on the Radioman’s first-person camera
    • The ‘Filters’ panel in the server browser no longer defaults to open
    • Fixed an issue where the incorrect icon would appear on the ‘Digging Tunnel’ progress bar
    • Fixed an issue where kills with the XM21’s bayonet would display the wrong kill icon
    • Fixed an issue where the killfeed displayed a skull icon for flamethrower kills caused by fire on the ground
    • Fixed an issue where the enemy commander’s name would be used when using the Northern Forces’ ambush deployment
    • Fixed an issue where the last claymore detonated would not clear from the tactical view
    • Fixed an issue where Players’ own claymores/C4 didn’t show up on the HUD unless they were very close to the planted explosive
    • Fixed an issue where no HUD indicator appeared for players using vehicle chat in the Huey
    • Fixed an issue where pilots outside helicopters could still see the Vehicle Chat HUD identifier
    • Fixed an issue where team member icons appeared at map origin before initial spawn
    • Fixed an issue where the player count number for teams changed orientation depending on resolution for the NLF and NVA
    • Fixed an error where total wins could go above 100% on the player stats screen
    • Fixed an issue on non-16:9 resolutions where ‘Select Deployment Location’ exceeded the given space for that text
    • Fixed an issue where issuing an order to a friendly objective would cause the icon for that objective to be layered ‘behind’ other icons on the compass widget
    • Fixed an issue where the grenade counter would default to the M61 grenade regardless of team
    • Fixed an issue where US shotguns would display an incorrect ammo count for remaining shells

    • Fixed an issue where the radius on player screams was too small, meaning they would appear not to play to players at range
    • Fixed an issue where death screams would still play after players’ bodies had despawned
    • Fixed an issue where no sound played when an RPG hit a helicopter
    • Fixed an issue where the Main Menu music would only play once rather than loop
    • Fixed an issue where the M18 smoke grenade audio would still play after particles had stopped emitting
    • Fixed an issue where the RPD had no sound for its ammo check
    • Added a missing sound to the RPG’s handle switch at the end of its reload animation
    • Fixed an issue where pistol sounds would not be muffled inside tunnels on Hill 937
    • Added missing audio to a waterfall on An Lao Valley
    • Fixed an issue where river sound effects would fade out as you approached a waterfall on An Lao Valley
    • Players no longer play ‘Artillery Incoming’ voice lines when M79 rounds hit

    Miscellaneous Fixes & Updates
    • Fixed an issue with reserved server slots leading to incorrect ‘Server is Full’ errors
    • Changed the game’s default display from ‘Borderless Windowed’ to ‘Fullscreen’ to prevent players from losing mouse focus during gameplay
    • Fixed an issue with the Members feature not reserving slots on servers
    • Extended various tunnel volumes to encompass the entire tunnel across all maps, this fix will also prevent players from failing to unlock the ‘Tunnel Rat’ achievement in these areas
    • Refined third person weapon lowering
    • Players’ stats now properly save if players vote to switch maps mid-round
    • Corrected the spelling of ‘Requires Password’ on the Filters section of the server browser
    • Changed the wording for Empty/Full servers on the Server Browser filter options
    • Fixed an issue where players could not change their spectate view target after selecting a spawn point while waiting to deploy
    • Corrected the description of the in game ‘Folding Stocks’ tip
    • Changed the wording on ‘Framerate Smoothing’ option to ‘Limit FPS’ in Advanced Graphics Settings
    • Although fixed in a previous patch, the issues with the AC-47’s sounds are now fixed

    Optimization Passes
    • Completed a network relevancy optimization pass on Song Be
    • Fixed an issue where the commander’s tactical view would cause log spam when viewing Squad Leader icons at distance
    • Fixed log spam when launching the client with the Compact Communication Widget enabled
    • Fixed log spam connected to pilot battle chatter

    Web Admin
    • Fixed an issue where ‘Use Captures for Tiebreaker’ server option would not change the tiebreaker logic
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘Use Map List’ setting would not save
    • Removed an unused and unlabelled column from the Current Game page

    • Fixed an issue where Cyrillic text rendered too small to be readable on the player level indicator
    • Fixed an issue where in German, the ‘refresh all’ button in the Server Browser would appear translated, and then switch to English

    The teams at Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games continue to work towards even more improvements as well as additional content.
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  • #2
    This is awesome! Great work! Right to Rebel servers will be updated as soon as it's released.


    • #3
      So if a cheater is on the enemy team we now have to rely on them, to vote kick him ... good ...


      • #4
        Great work guys !
        Last edited by Cat_in_da_Hat; 06-16-2017, 10:14 PM.


        • #5
          Thank u for telling everyone the exploits now on cu chi there are a bunch of people trying to get to this specific roof ! and guess what none wants to vote kick them... Anywya i might just notice dunno but please hide the positions and maps until u patch them


          • #6
            Wow great patch! The only things I ask is to have seperate bindings for set weapon sight ranges and switch weapons, and to have an option to keep tactical view on forever without pressing a button.


            • #7
              Pretty impressive changelog! Looking forward to it.


              • #8
                I see nothing in the changelog regarding the ammo bug in the M79 and the Hunting Shotgun. With the M79 if you pick the HE/Smoke option sometimes smoke changes with HE and vice versa. And with the Hunting Shotgun, if you take the Buckshot/slug option and only shoot one barrel and than change ammo type, than the weapon will bug out and only one barrel can be used.

                I already reported this a long time ago...
                Last edited by Sgt.NightFire; 06-17-2017, 03:06 PM.
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                • #9
                  ffs everyone is on the roofs !!! THANKS FOR TELLING THEM WERE THEY CAN EXPLOIT !!!!


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by cronogr View Post
                    So if a cheater is on the enemy team we now have to rely on them, to vote kick him ... good ...
                    that's how it works in most games, grow up.
                    In-game name: burt


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by hekuball View Post

                      that's how it works in most games, grow up.
                      I don't play other games so i don't have a clue how they function, and what does that mean ? cause other games do they should do it too ? lmao ... ur statement is stupid ...


                      • #12
                        Do you guys have a specific time that this patch will be released on the 20th? I would like to make sure we are ready to go when I releases.


                        • #13
                          Originally posted by cronogr View Post
                          So if a cheater is on the enemy team we now have to rely on them, to vote kick him ... good ...
                          Well, your choices are to either have a bunch of people being falsely accused of hacking and being vote kicked, or having a harder time of kicking cheaters. Frankly, I think I'd rather deal with a hacker than to have innocent people be vote kicked, because most of the time, cheaters will be vote kicked by their own team anyways, otherwise, the opposing team will leave, depopulating the entire server.


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by smgunsftw View Post

                            Well, your choices are to either have a bunch of people being falsely accused of hacking and being vote kicked, or having a harder time of kicking cheaters. Frankly, I think I'd rather deal with a hacker than to have innocent people be vote kicked, because most of the time, cheaters will be vote kicked by their own team anyways, otherwise, the opposing team will leave, depopulating the entire server.
                            exactly. I didn't want to waste precious time explaining this to an obvious troll but you did us all a service.
                            In-game name: burt


                            • #15
                              Originally posted by hekuball View Post

                              exactly. I didn't want to waste precious time explaining this to an obvious troll but you did us all a service.
                              You bought twi stock ? u work for twi ? ... what's ur deal ? i want to critize them and i will do it i don't give a damn if ur devoted to them or whatever

                              smgunsftw if u have seen on other games that this type of thing exists the team that has the cheater CAN'T notice him fast enough and most of the time they don't even care to kick him cause it doesn't affect them, so they will never get in the hassle to check if someone is cheating or not they simply don't care that's how people are !
                              We don't talk about obvious cheaters that kill everyone with headshots from the spawn point imo !
                              This type of implementation will force the team that is affected by the cheater to quit ! plain and simple we have seen that again and again
                              It's way better to have sometimes good players kicked rather than having an entire team to quit the game.

                              ps. This solution is only possible to a community that cares about fair play... guess what ? It doesn't exist ! most people don't give a crap.