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Privay Policy Update

We’ve updated the Tripwire Privacy Notice under our Policies to be clearer about our use of customer information to come in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules that come into force today (25th May 2018). The following are highlights of our changes:

We’ve incorporated the relevant concepts from the GDPR including joining the EU and Swiss Privacy Shield framework. We’ve added explanations for why and how Tripwire processes customer data and the types of data that we process, as well as information about your data protection rights.

For more information about our privacy practices, please review the new Privacy Policy found here:
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  • Items changed, or highlighted for future attention, on 20 July 2013 are highlighted in yellow.

Global Rules
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    1. Personal attacks, insults, antagonism of any forum-goers, moderators or Tripwire Interactive staff.
    2. Name Shaming and Public "Witch Hunts" are also not allowed.
    3. Breaches of confidentiality and privacy of any sort.
    4. Any form of racism, bigotry or attacks on race, creed or color.
    5. Linking to posts on other forums related to ANY of the above, whether you are the originator or not, without exception.

  • There has been too much in the way of abhorrent personal behaviors in the past. These will cease. It doesn't matter who started it or who reacted to it - it will all result in moderator action. If you have to indulge your hatreds, for whatever reason, go do it elsewhere - and do not try and drag our forum-goers over to enjoy your hatreds.
  • We understand that people have strong feelings about our games, what we do for a living and how we respond (or don't) to comments on the forums. We all aren't going to agree about everything. So, BE CIVIL in your disagreements!

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A key point: please attempt to use your brains. What is mild humour to you may well be deeply offensive to others. While we have no intention of acting as politically-correct "thought police", we are on the lookout for those things that can cause offense and, in some cases, are actually still illegal in some jurisdictions.
  1. Names recalling notorious war criminals or personalities.
  2. Names recalling atrocities and war crimes in general, or units with particularly odious histories.
  3. Use of obscenities and expletives.
  4. Blatant racism, mysogynism or many other "ism"s.
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  6. Use of symbolism and regalia recalling Stalinism.
  7. On both the previous two, the moderators' views on the intention and impact of use of such symbols will be final - not yours. Please be understanding if you are advised to change something.
  8. In general, if a sig/avatar represents your allegiances in-game and is clearly "in part", it is likely to be fine; if the moderators feel you are trying to demonstrate unpalatable political allegiances, or to use it in an attempt to ridicule or provoke others you WILL be asked to change it. RO is NOT the place to make any extremist political statements of any kind.

So people get the idea, some examples that would be considered offensive, numbered as above:
  1. "Hitler", "Beria"
  2. "NKVD Blocking Detachment", "Einsatzgruppen"
  3. This one should be pretty obvious...
  4. So should this - and it includes calling all Germans "Nazis" and all Soviets/Russians "Commies". It got boring 50 years ago, so stop it.
  5. Use of swastikas, fasces, SS-runes and so on for the Axis.
  6. There is actually very little overt symbolism from the Stalinist era; the hammer-and-sickle isn't offensive per se.

A simple rule-of-thumb: many Europeans find Nazi symbolism of any sort offensive; many Americans still find Soviet symbolism offensive. Engage your brain before using.

Final Note: this is NOT open to debate, so please do NOT start whining and moaning if a moderator asks you to change something. They will advise at first, giving reasons, then, if you take no notice, they will step up the pressure through to banning.
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Closed Beta Wave 6 Patch Notes

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  • Closed Beta Wave 6 Patch Notes

    The following are the patch notes for our 6th closed beta wave. A few things to note as of this posting: New invites have not yet gone out and we do not have a set time for when the wave will start (or invites will be released). With those in mind here we go!

    New Additions to Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    First Time Setup

    We’ve added a ‘first time setup’ that will display on the first time you run the game. This screen will show you the default keyboard layout (Rising Storm Inspired) but will also allow you to seamlessly change to the (Classic RO2) inspired layout. You may also select the color of your squad along with selecting a flight model from this screen.

    Player Progression

    Player progression and ‘ranking up’ is now active in the latest Beta wave. There are currently some known issues with this system, however, ranking up and unlocking character customization options is functional. Please continue to post your feedback and bug reports on the forums.

    Easy Anti Cheat

    With this Beta wave we are introducing EAC (Easy Anti Cheat). This highly supported and successful system will co-exist with Valve anti-cheat (VAC) and will provide a stronger defense against 3rd party cheat software. Upon first load of the game, you will be required to install this software. Failure to install this software will not allow you to load the game.

    • New shoulder and hip positions have been updated for all weapons.
    • Players can now switch to empty weapons using the number keys.
    • Pilots now get sorted into a pilot-only squad, and can now see other players in the same way as other squads. There are no squad bonuses associated, this is entirely for co-ordination and communication.
    • Major overhaul and bug fixing to the vote kick system.
    • Improved objective boundaries on Hue City’s C objective.
    • Players can now mute spectators.
    • Added the Radioman role for the NVA on Hill 937.
    • Major overhaul to the Spawn on Squad Leader calculations to reduce server impact and improve suitability of the selected spawn locations (less spawning under the terrain, inside sealed rooms, on top of roofs, etc)

    • Visual overhaul of the M16, including new textures and updated model/sights.
    • Speed of folding and unfolding bipods has been increased after player feedback.
    • Sped up folding and unfolding of the Type-56-I based on player feedback.
    • Added increase/decrease scope power keybinds (default are numpad +/-).
    • Decreased the zoom on the SKS iron sights to a more reasonable level.
    • Firing the XM21 no longer causes the scope to jump unpleasantly towards the player’s view.
    • Optimized PFX on muzzle flashes.
    • Full optimization pass for bullet impact and environmental PFX.

    • New visuals (LUT) for Hill 937, changing the map’s visuals from prior Beta waves.
    • Added distant, animated smoke to Hue City.
    • Updated skybox visuals for Hue City and An Lao Valley.
    • Various changes to the IK, giving more realistic animations over rough surfaces.
    • Tweaks to collision on various bushes. It’s now possible to move slightly into them for visual cover.
    • Various improvements to tunnel lighting.
    • Updated the visuals of the helicopter base on An Lao Valley, which includes visual updates of the tree line.
    • Added third person animations to prevent ‘foot sliding’ when deployed on MGs or throwing grenades.
    • Added lighting to the temple in Hue City.
    • Added decor to the previously empty houses at the US home base on Song Be.

    • Various improvements to the Profile and Stats screen, the Main Menu, and the Team Selection screen.
    • Major changes to the scoreboard which includes showing all players without having to scroll.
    • Changes to various icons on the overhead map to increase readability.
    • Changes to the buttons on the Main Menu, including the ‘Exit Game’ button has now been placed under all other Main Menu buttons.
    • Loading screens now show flythroughs of individual maps, highlighting their objectives.
    • Moved the ‘players joined/left server’ messaging scroll to the top left of the screen.
    • The Discord link has been updated in the server welcome screen. Come join us and chat!
    • New kill icons for when players are crushed by crashing support aircraft and MAT-49 Vietnamese Variant.
    • Sector grid added to the overhead map.
    • Icon changed for North Vietnamese stealth ability.
    • Adjusted position of text on the commander menu.
    • Adjustments have been made to the enemy spotting ring/indicator.
    • Improved the visuals of the ‘confirm order/vote’ widget.
    • Added a vignette to the Set Keybind dialog box, to help visibility

    • New AK47 sounds.
    • New PPsH sounds.
    • New DP-28 sounds.
    • New Loach Helicopter interior sounds.
    • New Cobra Helicopter interior sounds.
    • New Firebase environmental audio.
    • New Hill 937 environmental audio.
    • New An Lao Valley environmental audio.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a crash on server join related to bad network data.
    • Fixed a crash triggered by throwing grenades while sprinting.
    • Fixed a crash caused by the map list.
    • Fixed crash when leaving a server while spectating a Skirmish match.

    • Fixed an issue where the M16 became less accurate on semi auto after first reload.
    • Fixed an issue where MD82 mines would not trigger when stepped on by the enemy.
    • Fixed a bug where players were unable to spawn after joining a game mid-match.
    • Fixed players not being able to pick up the RPG-7 after it had been dropped.
    • Fixed a bug where the IZH’s double barrel fire mode always featured double-barrel recoil, even when only one shell was loaded.
    • Fixed an issue where ‘incline throttling’ was not appropriately slowing players down as they ran up terrain inclines.
    • The Announcer no longer repeats himself.
    • Fixed bug where placing a second tripwire trap would remove the first.
    • Fixed an issue where players would spawn with ‘invisible hands’.
    • Fixed an issue where commanders could not mark artillery from the back of the Loach while using the compact command widget.
    • Fixed an issue where the M37 stakeout variant shell eject would be delayed while aiming down sights.
    • Fixed an issue where the recon plane would continue to operate after being shot down.
    • Fixed a bug which caused players to desync and become invisible after mantling.
    • Fixed an issue where players could not spawn on the squad leader until the squad leader had died and respawned.
    • Players can no longer mantle over or climb onto barbed wire fences.
    • Fixed an issue where you could see items equipped to your face while using the DShK heavy machine gun.
    • Fixed an issue where firing a shotgun at a bulletin board in Firebase would cause the player to disconnect from the server.
    • Fixed an issue where player movement would slow down massively upon leaving buildings on An Lao Valley.
    • Fixed an issue where helicopter rotors blades would sometimes push players out of the way without damaging them, most noticeable at low RPM
    • Fixed an issue where the mantle system was allowing players to vault over railings/walls with a dangerous drop on the far side without displaying the danger icon

    • Various bugfixes and improvements to all maps. Improvements include optimization, additional art passes, collision fixes and miscellaneous adjustments based on previous Beta wave tester feedback.
    • Addressed several incorrect mantling prompts across all maps.
    • Various improvements have been made to the mantling system to avoid players mantling to their death.
    • Massive collision overhauls to Hue City, An Lao Valley and Hill 937.
    • Fixed an issue where players could fall through the floor to their deaths on Hue City.
    • Fixed various issues with reflections on the water on Song Be.
    • Added a missing map preview image for Hill 937
    • Fixed an issue on Hill 937 which caused log spam and loss of performance due to particle effects.
    • Improved player messaging and blocked off certain areas of Hue City that led to dead ends/player death.
    • Fixed an issue where mounted guns would not appear on the overhead maps.
    • Fixed an issue where players would sink into the temple floor on Hue City.
    • Solved an exploit where players could bypass areas of the map by sprinting through map boundaries.
    • Fixed an issue where players would fall through the map to their death in Song Be’s caves.
    • Fixed an issue where the DShK on Hue City would cause players’ arms to appear to break.
    • Fixed various tunnel geometry gaps in Hill 937.
    • Fixed a missing bunker texture on Hill 937.
    • Addressed stuttering issues across An Lao Valley interiors.
    • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in the river on An Lao Valley.
    • Added a ramp so that players could leave a trench in Objective C of VNSU-SongBe.
    • Fixed various Hill 937 tunnel collision locations where the player would get snagged on.
    • Fixed collision in and around Objective A on Hue City.
    • Fixed temple collision on Hue City.
    • Fixed an area of the Citadel Walls in Hue City where the player could get stuck and had to die to become free.
    • Fixed an issue where players would not respawn on the shooting range or helicopter training map.
    • Fixed a hole in the terrain on An Lao Valley which caused Helicopters to crash.
    • Addressed the overly-dark tunnels and holes at the NLF homebase on Song Be.
    • Fixed DShKs doubling at round end on Hue City.

    • Melee sounds now play appropriately - no more melee sounds heard across the map!
    • Climbing sounds have been added for ladders.
    • Menu music no longer plays on top of logo videos.
    • Fixed a bug where death screams failed to play properly.
    • Fixed an issue where manual bolting with the Mosin Nagant did not play a sound.
    • Fixed a bug where the M8 and M18 spoon sound was inaudible.
    • Helicopter audio no longer continues on server exit or crash.
    • Punji shovel planting audio now audible in 3p.
    • M14 Reload audio is now synchronized with the animation.
    • Fixed a bug where the MD82 mine sound would not play.
    • Looping support aircraft sounds now have proper fadeouts.
    • Fixed an issue where a player’s own traps would not play sound when detonated.
    • Fixed an issue where being shot in the head would not mute audio as intended.
    • Fixed an issue where ammo resupplies would not play sound as intended.
    • Fixed an issue where in-game music would continue into server travel.

    • Various collision fixes based on player feedback.
    • Support aircraft no longer vanish on contact with the ground.
    • Fixed issue where crouching and leaning would cause the character to lean forwards first.
    • Fixed an issue where reloading the M14 with a stripper clip would not engage the bolt catch.
    • Fixed an issue where attaching a bayonet to the AKM appeared instantly in 3p.
    • Fixed an animation bug where other players would see players crouch to reload the DShK.
    • Visually updated all ammo resupply points in An Lao Valley.
    • Fixed an issue where the MAT-47 Vietnamese variant would fail to create shell casings while firing.
    • Fixed an issue where the TT-33 would appear at the player’s hip while in iron sight view, if the player leaned.
    • Fixed an issue where third person animations would not play for folding/extending the stock on the M3 and MAT-49.
    • Fixed an issue where the bayonet would disappear when unequipping it from the M37 Trench Variant.
    • Fixed collision on Compound where weapons would fall under the floor when dropped at the MACV building.
    • Shells ejected from the M37 Ithaca are now visible.
    • Various collision improvements in the factory on Cu Chi.
    • Fixed an issue where bullet impact pfx would flicker on some machines.
    • Fixed collision on the wood bunkers on various maps.
    • Fixed buggy collision on Howitzer ammo environment art.
    • Various improvements to collision on art used in urban environments.
    • Various improvements to collision on plants, foliage and trees.
    • Various improvements to collision on art used in rural areas (rice dykes, residential, huts, interior art etc).
    • Major collision improvements on various cliffs and rocks.
    • Improved the mountains and distant trees on An Lao Valley.

    • Fixed a bug where text would overlap with icons when picking up weapons or planting traps.
    • Fixed an issue where player indicators on the overhead map would be the wrong color, making it difficult to differentiate your squad from your teammates.
    • Fixed a bug where teams would not indicate that they were full to players trying to join them.
    • Adjusted the position of the vote prompt box.
    • Fixed an issue with various weapons on the loadout screen having incorrect/inconsistent stats.
    • Fixed an issue where player chat would be misaligned from the chat box on the Vote screen.
    • Unbound keys no longer show as %no key set%.
    • Fixed an issue where text would appear on the spawn menu which was supposed to be exclusive to the overhead map.
    • Fixed an issue where the Role Vote button would be permanently greyed out if the player left a game and reconnected.
    • Vote widget now accurately reflects the number of players who have voted.
    • Fixed an issue where the vote widget displayed incorrectly on some video resolutions.
    • Combat Engineer text no longer causes an overlap on the role select screen.
    • Clicking pilot no longer locks off squad selection when switching back to an infantry role.
    • Main Menu buttons now scale their width properly in aspect ratios other than 16:9
    • On the Character menu, clicking below the character item list no longer selects items that aren’t visible

    Studio Credits
    • The Credits section has been updated for Tripwire Interactive & AMG

    Miscellaneous Fixes & Updates
    • Fixed an issue where assists would not be saved to a player’s stats.
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘top map’ statistic would not update properly.
    • Separated the number of hits from the number of shots fired in the stats menu.
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘time played’ statistic would be an impossibly high number.
    • Fixed an issue where only U.S. classes would show on the stats menu.
    • Fixed an issue where recapturing objectives was not reflected in the stats screen.
    • Fixed an issue where losing a match would not increment total matches in the stats menu.
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘matches lost’ statistic was not updating.
    • Fixed Top weapon percentage not updating.
    • Fixed an issue where the stats menu was not registering player deaths.
    • Fixed various tooltip spelling errors.
    • Fixed a log spam issue caused by battle chatter.

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    Originally posted by Yoshiro View Post
    we do not have a set time for when the wave will start (or invites will be released).



    • #3
      Could i get a beta key? hahahaha i'v had Red orchestra 2 since launch, and rising storm as well. I would love to play this and give you guys some feedback!


      • #4
        Also not listed in the changed of this beta wave patch were audio overhauls for the supersonic sound crack of bullets in close proximity. Around 1 to 40 feet away the sound of a supersonic crack is very loud and disorienting -->

        And from further away the bullets should be sounding like this -> a type of "whizzing" sound.
        Bullet whizzes can actually be heard from about 60 feet away or more, depending on the size of the round. And the supersonic crack is heard around in the vicinity of (1-35ft) So if you guys could add this in that would make everything really immersive.


        • #5
          One thing i want to ask about how the MAT appears on screen :

          Right now the MAT appears to be held further away from the body when the stock is retracted ? Why is that ?
          Isn't this stance intended for close quarters and is meant to be held closer to the body than the default stock position ?



          • #6
            Finally new sights for the M16! I hope they offer a better sight picture. Shame that M14, Grease gun and MAT didn't get an update .


            • #7
              Originally posted by Yoshiro
              • Visual overhaul of the M16, including new textures and updated model/sights.
              Not to be disrespectful, but nothing about the sights is different. This was literally the very first thing I checked. I joined a server (Hill 937), took radioman class, selected M16A1, inspected the sights, and exited the game. Then I checked it again at the 'range' map and confirmed the 1982 sights remain present. Then, I posted here.

              Did you guys accidentally miss the M16A1's visual update?

              Reference thread:

              Last edited by exhausted; 03-15-2017, 10:28 PM.


              • #8
                Originally posted by Yoshiro View Post
                [*]Moved the ‘players joined/left server’ messaging scroll to the top left of the screen.
                how about a remove/disable option for this? >>> ,i dont care about "RandomPlayer" joining USMC,and i dont want to see a text pop up every time someone joins/leaves.


                • #9
                  Originally posted by exhausted View Post
                  Originally posted by Yoshiro
                  • Visual overhaul of the M16, including new textures and updated model/sights.
                  Not to be disrespectful, but nothing about the sights is different. This was literally the very first thing I checked. I joined a server (Hill 937), took radioman class, selected M16A1, inspected the sights, and exited the game. Then I checked it again at the 'range' map and confirmed the 1982 sights remain present. Then, I posted here.

                  Did you guys accidentally miss the M16A1's visual update?

                  Reference thread:

                  OK so after the patch (Wave 6.2) not only do we still have the wrong sights, but now the character has Parkinsons. What's up with the shake when you aim in with this 6-8 pound rifle? What the living hell is the rational behind these bogus choices?

                  M16s are precise and steady. Keeping one pointed within 6 inches of your intended point of impact at 100 yards is so easy that somebody can literally do it for minutes, standing up.

                  I am so turned off right now that I don't see the point in playing the beta until this iconic rifle is presented in a historical fashion. The current representation, after 6 waves and 1 smaller wave, is so incredibly off-putting that I don't see myself being able to hold my nose long enough to play through a match.

                  Such high hopes for the M16A1 for Wave 6, especially after the change log.

                  *shrug* I'm seriously so frustrated by this build I'm just going to let it sit.
                  Last edited by exhausted; 03-16-2017, 10:02 PM.